LBI now issuing tokens - Send LEO to @lbi-token


LBI Token issuing now LIVE!!!

Lets keep this short and sweet. For more information about LBI, please check this post

  • LBI tokens are launching at a price of 1 LEO each (not hive)
  • Send any amount of LEO to @lbi-token and receive an equal amount of LBI in return - no memo required
  • Token issuing is handled manually to ensure all LEO received is staked before token release
  • You will receive your tokens within 0-24 hours offer making your transfer

HODL, HODL, HODL and................dont sell



  • LBI tokens are valued using LEO as it base currency
  • once you receive your tokens you are free to trade and exchange than on the leoDex and hive-engine exchanges
  • LBI will never issue tokens on LeoDex hive-engine so any tokens bought from exchanges will not increase the total LBI token circulating supply thus not increasing staked LEO and LBI growth
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