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Hello, LBIer's. Let's put together an LBI FAQ post that can be referenced back to for frequently asked questions. We have noticed from launch we get the same questions asked over and over and sometimes by the same people because they ask a question and dont check back to our replies. We understand that curating and reading through lots of posts can be a timely process and a lot of us end up scanning posts and missing lots of key information so this FAQ has been set up so we have a URL where people can visit and self educate.


This FAQ will be updated every few months to keep it fresh. Edits will be recorded at the bottom of the post.

What is LBI?

  • LBI is a LeoFinance based investment club fund. It's token is priced and backed in LEO and its goal is to increase its value through a mix of active and passive incomes.

Is LBI part of LeoFinanace?

  • No, LBI has been created and is operated independently of LeoFinance. LBI is not supported, endorsed are promoted by

How can I buy LBI tokens directly?

  • You can send any amount of LEO directly to @lbi-token and you have receive LBI token to the value of your LEO.

  • Today the LBI token price is 1.10 LEO to 1 LBI token

Do I need to stake my LBI?

  • No, LBI tokens are set on a POH model. This stands for Proof of holding and means you are only required to hold your LBI tokens in your exchange wallet. Please note that when you set a sell order, these tokens are no longer in your wallet.

What is the max supply of LBI tokens?

  • There were 1 million LBI tokens created. 250,000 have been minted to date with around 90% of these already sold and circulating investors wallets. Unsold LBI tokens will either be burnt are used toward a token holder incentive.

When will LBI start paying out dividends?

  • LBI held a token holder vote and it was decided by a landslide to hold off on paying weekly dividends until at least 9th April. This is when we will hold a second vote that will decide if we extend another 3 months are started issuing dividends.

What sort of ROI should i expect?

  • Completely dependent on incomes generated but we target 20-25% growth per year. The vast bulk of income is coming from LEO curation in these early stages.

This post will be edited and updated as times goes by and LBI becomes more involved with other things. If you have any questions that are not answered above, please head over to the LBI discord server and ask in the correct channel for advice.

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