Cryptocurrency Needs To Pushback The Likes Of Senator Warren

Senator Elizabeth Warren is at it again. The elitist Senator from Massachusetts is on her pulpit of bashing cryptocurrency by calling for more regulation.


In here latest interview on CNBC, the former law professor (that is right, she didn't practice only taught law), compared cryptocurrency to snake oil and drugs.

She is a typical political blowhole that, quite frankly, provides little benefit to humanity. Her view is that government is entitled to everything and that she, along with her political comrades, should oversee it all.

This is her view:

“I want people to have the freedom to invest. I just don’t want a system where the big guys, the shadowy guys, the guys you never quite see, can go out there and do pump and dump, can defraud people, can take a lot of folks’ money, and then disappear.”

Someone should tell the full of hot air Senator that there are laws on the books to deal with fraud and maybe they should utilize what is already there. But then that would end her grandstanding.

For this reason, the industry should pull out the heavy artillery. Everyone should fill up her email with messages detailing exactly what we think of her policies.

Here is where she can be reached.

Why is this being brought up?

Because this is an example of the cancer that is in our society. She is a parasite that never did much with her life yet wants to run the lives of, well, the entire planet. Cryptocurrency is something that disrupts the present system and she simply cannot deal with that. After all, what is created might actually affect her power and make things better for average people. Now we know she can't allow that to happen.

Of course, her logic is as valid as her work resume.

Here is what her reasoning is:

“Look at the lesson from history about when do we regulate drugs. As long as people can sell snake oil, it turns out that nobody really invested in having good drugs that were safe and that helped people.”


This is something that she is proud of. The USG government has done an awful job on its oversight of the drug industry. In fact, Big Pharma is one of the most powerful lobbies in Washington. The Senator doesn't realize but the Congress is the lapdog for this industry.

Ultimately, her goal is more centralization. Each time she pushes up the volume on the rhetoric, the more she is turning this into a war. The bottom line is that the power that these people have is threatened. It is why China is moving so fast to push out a CBDC. That is a country that knows that it is susceptible to the move being made by cryptocurrency. If that gains power, the usage of the Yuan will collapse.

Thus, they repackage it as a digital currency, trying to promote the characteristics of a cryptocurrency. It is a boldface lie by a regime that is into suppression of its people.

Of course, the likes of Elizabeth Warren are no different. She is right there with the elites in China. Anything to suppress the population while propping up the power structure.

People like this are very dangerous. We have them throughout the world and they are like a cancer for humanity. Their egos and positions are the only thing that matters to them (along with enriching themselves).

With cryptocurrency, we are forging a totally new path. We need to keep pushing things further out so they cannot affect them. Warren does not know what she is up against. When people start to find out how much better the system that is being created treats then, they will have little use for the likes of Warren and other clueless politicians (probably an oxymoron) across the globe.

This is a tug-o-war that is going to keep playing out. If the industry stands by and does nothing, the power structure will do all they can to tear this down.

It is time for a change and cryptocurrency is going to bring that. We need to keep pushing forward.

Article by @taskmaster4450le

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