Earning some Bitcoin on Cointiply

Hello everyone, and welcome back to my blog.

Today I want to tell you about an online platform that I have personally tested, where it is possible to earn BTC or DOGE.
I'm talking about Cointiply.

In the website there is an internal currency called Coins (what a fantasy!!), which has a stable value over time.
10000 Coins (ten thousand) are always worth 1 $
As soon as a certain threshold is reached, it is possible to withdraw Bitcoin or Doge (30000 for Doge and 50000 for Bitcoin).

On Cointiply it is possible to earn in several ways.
Now we will see the main ones together.
Let's start with the classic and inevitable:

  • Faucet


In practice once an hour we have the possibility to activate the faucet which is nothing more than a generator of "random" numbers, which once started generates a random number for us.
In the image above, you can see the various payouts, ranging from 15 Coins to 176 Coins, based on the outgoing number.
Most of the time the payout is always minimal, but to be honest, this faucet seems to be fairly honest.
In fact, many times I got the 25 Coins win and sometimes even 46 Coins.
There is also a 1% bonus for each day in a row that you log into the website.


If, on the other hand, the number 99999 comes out, you win the Jackpot which at this moment stands at 364852 Coins equal to 36.48 $
Talking to other users in the internal chat, at least once a day, someone win the Jackpot.
It is therefore worth a try.
But the coolest and most original thing about this faucet is that if a prime number comes up, you have an additional 30 Coins prize.
It was precisely for this reason that I decided to subscribe to this website... lol :)

  • Rain Chat

The website has a public chat where all users can talk, exchange advice, etc. etc.
Every 30-40 minutes a pool is filled up with coins, in a way that is not very clear to me. But that's what happens :)
Then, when the pool fills up, actually when the time runs out, coins start raining on all users who have qualified for Rain.
Up until a few days ago, if someone chatted with meaningful comments or answered questions from newcomers, they had the chance to qualify for the Rain Pool.
Sometimes I managed to earn over 150 coins in a single rain.
Now, however, the mechanism has changed and to qualify you need just to click a button. Then you will earn based on the activities done on the website that day. So the more active you are, the more you will earn.

chat chat
  • PTC Ads

PTC Ads stands for Pay to Click Ads, meaning you get paid to view websites.
Every day the ads page is reloaded with about forty links.


Once you click on the pink button that says "View" the ads opens in a new page of your browser, the only thing you have to do is keep the page open for the time required which usually goes from 5 to 30 seconds.
When you return to Cointiply, the Coins will be credited to your account.

🔺🔺🔺 Pay attention to the pages you visit 🔺🔺🔺

You will find offers of all kinds and ultra-easy earnings... 1 single word... BEWARE. 90% of the ads are all scams... but sometimes there is something good.
For security, use a browser like Brave and keep the shield active, if you want to register on some website you visit, NECESSARILY always use different passwords.

  • Offers and Surveys

These two are certainly the most profitable methods on the platform.

The offers are very varied. Some require you to install apps and games, while in others you have to start trial periods, like on Netflix, etc.
Personally, I haven't tested even one of these offers, so I don't know much about it.
All I know is that some pay around 10 $, but the time and effort involved could be considerable.


By completing the surveys you will have the possibility to earn from 1000 to 6000 coins, so from 0.1 to 0.6 $.
However, you will have to be suitable for a specific market research, that is, you will have to pass an initial phase of selection. Once you are eligible, you can begin completing the questionnaire.
Below in the image you can see all the sites available to take surveys.


The best of all is Theorem Reach (the first in the top left of the image), because it pays you even if you fail to qualify for the survey.
I made several Coins with Theorem reach, here is a typical screen that was there in the pre-Christmas period :)


Their duration varies from 10 to 30 minutes.
You will be literally bombarded with questions from these marketing, advertisements agencies... basically from the BAD himself!! :)
But by completing these surveys you will have the opportunity to study the enemy and to influence their choices even if only slightly :)
If you want to try these surveys, however, you must bear in mind that your privacy will be totally violated. They will ask you questions about everything, and don't try to cheat them by shooting random answers... you will be disqualified, if not banned from Cointiply.
If like me, you have no intention of spreading your identity, rather than shooting random answers, invent a brand new identity for yourself, and be consistent, that is, always answer in the same way to the same question that will be asked to you over and over again.
For example, for Cointiply and for all the agencies on the platform, I am a 27-year-old woman born on 6 April 1993, I live with my boyfriend in Puglia (Italy), I have a daughter who was also born on 6 April but in 2020 ;) ... then I have a full time job, I am a broker, between me and my partner we earn 40,000 $ per year net and 50,000 $ gross, we own 2 cars, etc. etc.
Oh yes, unfortunately these are just some of the classic questions they will constantly ask to you in the selection phase. A real nightmare!!

  • 5% Interest

If you hold a stake of 35,000 Coins or more, you will earn 5% annual interest on your overall balance. Interest is calculated day by day and paid weekly.


Since I signed up, so for a month now, I received interest payments 3 times, for 3 consecutive weeks.


As you can see, interest is calculated and paid in Coins and not in Satoshi.
After all, the entire platform is based on Coins. The Satoshi value you see in the images is only an equivalence.

Important !!

In times like these where Bitcoin is doing great things by recording a new record every day, it is not worthwhile to keep your money on this platform. Nor deposit Satoshi, because they will be converted into Coins that have a constant value linked to the dollar, and if tomorrow bitcoin goes 2x your Coins will remain the same while your Satoshi will halve.

It is also true that on the contrary in periods of Bear Market, where Bitcoin fall under the mountain, things becomes interesting, because while our Coins remain stable over time, our Satoshis can grow very quickly!!

So if you are already on Cointiply, hurry up and withdraw your coins as soon as you can!!
I could collect 50,000 Satoshi but by waiting a few days too long, I was able to come up with 47014 Satoshi, which was the exact amount I had at the time of my request.
So that's very good: you don't pay commissions when you withdraw your sats!! and the payout is pretty quick. In fact it arrived after 4 hours.

  • End

I will continue to use Cointiply sporadically throughout the day, accumulating coins little by little. The faucet and the ptc costs just a click.

If you want to try Cointiply too and want to give me a hand ;)

Click on my referral link:

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Earn Free Bitcoin

Or oh what do I have to tell you... visit the website directly:


Bye bye.

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