Talking about cryptocurrency, our focus would have just been on Bitcoin or any other major coin such as the ethereum, ripples etc, but the world has transcended from the original to the modernized. The blockchain technology that heralded the coming of Bitcoin some few years back has played host to a whole lot of other crypto currencies as well as Apps that has made the existence of man relatively easy.

Reading some news about afghan citizens not been able to withdraw their hard earned money from their banks because the top bankers have pulled out from the country was saddening to me as they are they are being deprived of the earnings which is a bad thing. it then made me wonder that what if they have been saving in crypto then they'd have been able to access their wallets with just and internet connection from anywhere and their security key. The coming of blockchain has made this possible to the extent that you don't need to carry a physical wallet all around at the risk of being robbed but you can just go anywhere and make your transactions in crypto, get paid in crypto or even earn in 2.jpg

The changing dynamics of global business construct especially during this post covid era has opened our eyes and minds to the broad spectrum of possibilities available on the block chain technology. i remember vividly when the government of my country decided to freeze the bank accounts of peaceful protesters during their protest of ending the police brutality and high handedness of public officials, well meaning citizens started raising funds for the protest in crypto currency which was easy and also not at the reach of the government.

Officially a government can ban crypto currency on her soil as a means of exchange but it can't stop the citizens from running their business in the crypto world as that is the new currency of the world.

A major fallout of the entire covid saga was that the world was able to see and utilize the unending possibilities based off the blockchain thus making the blockchain gain even more popularity all over the world with new users onboarding to the chain technology every day.

I'd personally congratulate all users of the hive blockchain as we have successfully joined the moving train to the next big thing after Bitcoin, THE HIVE where we make our living is rising and would continue to rise to match up to the major coins.

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