Buying, is not the Solution!



How can I take my eyes off this Edgware (Black Calf), designed by Crockett And Jones?

This is an amazing footwear and the sight is so wonderful to behold. I am sure when I wear this to the dinner party next week, the Branch Manager will notice it.

Who knows? I might get the promotion I've been waiting for, all thanks to my "proposed" dazzling outfit and looks.

Or maybe I am thinking too far. 🤔

Well, I am sure that I will be in the spotlight of the occasion and will receive awesome commendation from our guests, including the investors that will be present at the dinner party.

But, but, but! 😔

Just last week I got a black Testoni which almost made me Flat Broke. And now, I am contemplating going for another footwear within a span of 7 days. Yet, I rely on my bi-monthly paycheck for my sustenance.

I try to cut cost and reduce my expenditure, yet I am held sway by the desire to acquire every product I lay my hands on.



No matter how many products I acquire, I still realise that there's something I'm lacking. Once I see that item or product, I feel impelled to purchase it.

Oh no, man is truly insatiable! He is never satisfied with what he has. He will keep acquiring more things: big or small; daily, monthly or yearly. Truly, he is never satisfied and he can never be satisfied.

But should he remain at the mercy of his insatiability to allow GREED to flourish?

Should he presume that the solution to not being satisfied is to buy more?

How much more can he buy till he get satisfied?



One mistake many people make is that they don't address issues well.

You don't uproot a tree by cutting its branches alone. No! You dig it up to the root level and carefully extract it from that level. If you're not careful, it may still grow back even after extracting it. Hence, you need to do it with high level of carefulness and concentration.

In the same way, in addressing this queer feeling of purchasing items constantly whereby forcing ourselves to live below our means and focus on consumption instead of production, we need to dig deeper to find the root cause.

In digging deep, we will discover that while all variables remain changeable (duration, activity, etc), GREED remains constant. In other words, other variables are influenced by the Big Man, GREED.

GREED sits at the Throne of judgment, and decides the fate of man's actions to quench his insatiability. The strong ones with High level of Temperance have control over the activity of Greed. However, those who are held sway by GREED, see the solution to the problem of insatiability as Buying More.

So, I ask you.

Is buying, the Solution?

Of course not!



This is a problem of Greed, and to address it, we need to focus on Curbing Greed.

We know that Greed is the intense selfish desire to acquire or accumulate items, product, wealth or food. It is a vice, and the only way to address vices like Greed is to fight it by Curbing Greed and practicing Virtue (Virtue of Temperance).

By Temperance, we learn how to do things with due moderation. Thus, we are not held sway by the promptings of Greed, rather we do things at our own pace with wisdom, understanding the situation and performing an action if it is necessary.

Temperance will enable us act with due moderation! (1).gif

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