My Hive Highlight 2021

Hive is alive that's what keeps me going, it hasn't been an awful year sincerely, it has been great. This year begun with the covid sickness and we all were on lock down but then many people used that point to exploit others. Life became unbearable, and we all became restricted for movement and it was so bad but we were comforted by $hive #hive and this kept us going.. I cannot say that I have not been happy here and it is an achievement. I have net many friends here and likewise met many bloggers here. It has always been like home.. Hive is definitely going to be the best blockchain ever and we gonna keep it the same way.

I have been very pleased on hive and even though I am just taking my time now to create more posts and fill up and get to meet more people with likes of dome people from the #ocdb community and some from #freewriters not forgetting #palnet, #neoxian. There have been many times that one could always ask if there is racism on this platform. There is no racism here, we all are one.. #hivehighlight is just making me reflect about how the year went.. I also got to know recently about the #digispincoin airdrop but before I attempted it had been finished and they were not getting any responses..

I also bought my first Samsung galaxy S9 from my earnings on #hive, it has been amazing all through the year.. It is fun sharing my whole year with you all. I had intentions of attending college this year but then I came down with corona virus.. Am covid positive. I still keep my hope alive though the stigma is killing me but I believe I can find comfort here, I would appreciate suggestions of communities where I can join and spend more of my time with all on hive.

I wish all a happy Christmas eve today... Happy Christmas to all.. Don't know how to give you all an Xmas present.. I would well appreciate all your comments and up votes.. See you all soon.

I advice all to hold #hive for hive would surely survive and surprise all. Learn to always hodl.. I also love the #leofinance community where all can learn about the #finance and #crypto related posts daily.. All can always watch out for daily posts and airdrop.. Thanks for this privilege of sharing my #hivehighlight.

This is a great contest and I will love to win and this is a wonderful opportunity.. I will show all the Samsung galaxy S9 that I bought due to #hive. @snook @nathanmars @leofinance @ocdb @docd @guiltyparties @citimillz

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