LeoFinance Has Solved Onboarding on Hive | Demo of The New LeoInfra Signup Integrations

Onboarding new users to the Hive blockchain has always been an incredibly difficult task. Many have often talked about the massive opportunity that was missed during the last major crypto bull run when millions of users flooded a certain site that ended in it but weren't able to get an account.

This was one of the most disappointing times to be on the platform back in the day. It was simultaneously one of the most interesting times to be on the platform because of the money that was to be made during the bull run. HODLing at the time and leveraging the various tools to earn rewards on the platform were incredible.

That said, many people who tried to sign up back in those times had to wait weeks for an email confirmation saying that their account had been created. This type of onboarding sequence is unacceptable.

Hive today has much better onboarding capacities than back then. These onboarding capacities are still far from where they need to be.

The key to onboarding is realizing the different groups of users you're targeting. Some users may want to download their keys. Others may not want to know about "private keys" at all.

To service these different groups of users, we need multiple sign up options with both "full" and "lite" accounts.

With the newest release of LeoInfra (releasing officially on Monday, December 7th) LeoFinance has created both.

In this clip from our last roundtable podcast, I demo the new onboarding sequence that we created for LeoFinance.

Now, you can sign up to Hive/LeoFinance with 3 different options:

  1. Direct Hive Account Signup ("Full" Account)
  2. Metamask "Lite" Account Signup
  3. Twitter "Lite" Account Signup

The new direct Hive account signup process is very interesting. We ran into a number of issues with Hiveonboard and this led us to the conclusion that we needed to build our own direct-to-Hive signup option from the ground up.

I'm really proud of how this solution turned out. When you select "Create a Hive Account", it offers you two methods for verification:

  1. SMS
  2. Twitter

This means that there are essentially 4 different options for creating an account - again, built to serve the different potential users that we're targeting

  1. SMS ("Full" Hive Account)
  2. Twitter ("Full" Hive Account)
  3. Metamask ("Lite" Hive Account)
  4. Twitter ("Lite" Hive Account)

As our LeoInfra project matures, we'll also add new integrations to serve an even wider audience.

*@leo.voter - something we infrequently promote, but needs more attention

@leo.voter HIVE POWER delegations have been something we do and don't talk about very often. Users can delegate HIVE POWER to the @leo.voter account and earn a 16% APR on their HIVE POWER paid out in LEO tokens every 24 hours.

Despite us hardly ever talking publicly about it, @leo.voter has over 1.15 Million HP delegated to it currently.

This HP is now more important than ever - having more HIVE POWER allows us to claim more account creation tokens. These account creation tokens are used to create accounts for the LeoInfra integration.

On top of all these benefits, @leo.voter is also used for 100% manual curation of LeoFinance content (content posted from https://leofinance.io). We use the account to upvote content made from our UI every day based on a number of factors: author consistency, subjective quality of any given piece of content, other actions in the community, etc.

Moving forward, we'll start promoting this more frequently so that we can scale our onboarding program and get more account creation tokens each day. If you'd like to support LeoFinance and our onboarding initiatives, consider delegating your HIVE POWER to @leo.voter. We've also set this 16% APR paid out in LEO tokens strategically: it's one of the highest APRs you can earn on your HIVE POWER (even higher than many of the more efficient curators on the entire blockchain).

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