ProjectBlank Q&A: How Will the Airdrop & Snapshot Work?

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ProjectBlank is one of our most anticipated new releases. The LeoFinance team has been working on a number of different projects but this one is by far the largest in terms of scope and scale.

There are a lot of intricacies with this new project. Many of these are backend infrastructure developments that we've spent a lot of time on to get right. We've seen microblogging projects come and go on Hive but with the advent of new apps like Noise.Cash which purport to be microblogging on Web3, we believe that Hive is missing out on a massive opportunity.

Microcontent is the new wave in social media. From instagram to snapshot to Tik Tok, the world is moving further and further away from the middle. Some people like very long-form content - i.e. the popularity of 2-3 hour podcasts exploding - but most people like short-form content. The quick 15 second video or 240 character tweet.

Microcontent needs a home on Hive and we believe that there are certain key structural pieces that this needs. In addition to connecting directly to Twitter and serving as a sort of "interface" for Web2 (alongside the Web3 Hive features), we also believe that tokenization plays a key role in a properly rewarded community that doesn't pull on the HIVE tokenomics.

With a new token comes the need for a good initial distribution. LeoFinance has more than 78% of all tokens staked (with only about 2.5% held liquid in Hive wallets). ProjectBlank's new token will be airdropped exclusively to LEO token holders and users who engage actively on the site.

We've been hush hush about many different aspects of ProjectBlank. The token airdrop is not the core focus of the project, but it is one topic that gets brought up a lot. In this clip from the LEO Roundtable, I answer a few questions about how it's going to work. Going into some of the specifics (but not all of them).

Throughout this week and next, there will be a slow drip of content about ProjectBlank as we slowly unveil what we've built leading up to the official launch.

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