LeoAlpha: A New Series


I've been working closely with our marketing organization in recent weeks as we develop the podcast and build out a content library on various platforms under the LeoFinance brand.

They have a lot of great branding ideas for LeoFinance. These span anywhere from developing a following on YouTube through the LeoFinance podcast to adding research assistants to the LeoFinance team through their freelancing organization to help develop more targeted contnet.

In a conversation with @forexbrokr and @trumpman, we discussed the early stages of this "Leo Research Division".. you may have seen a few of the posts that some of the freelancers have put out thusfar.

Freelance writers are pretty cheap these days when you deliver them everything they need to write an article (i.e. they are handed the topic, keywords and a featured image). Thus, we're trying out this little research division as a way to fill certain gaps in the content map on LeoFinance.io.

In our conversation, Forexbrokr and Trumpman were discussing another point of view: leveraging the writing talent on LeoFinance.

With @crypto-guides, I believe Forexbrokr is already doing an incredible job of creating high quality, SEO-driven content for the LeoFinance ecosystem.

I highly recommend checking out his work with that account and all of the supporting authors who contribute to it. I've been paying much closer attention to the initiative that they are all taking with Crypto Guides.

All of this got me into another discussion with the marketing org. How can we further leverage all of this writing talent.. we've got people like Forexbrokr heading up initiatives to get other great writers involved in generating high quality content.. we've got the new freelance team creating some hole-filling articles (targeted based on certain topics and their relation to google searches and SEO crawls) AND we've got the general population of LeoFinance: high quality people who've been in the blockchain space for a minute.

Introducing LeoAlpha

@acesontop is another amazing community member who headed up the initiative called "AskLeo"... this has since become a popular tagline that many use when drafting content that aims the audience at a specific topic and asks them to develop it further in the comments.

LeoAlpha is a little idea I have - that I highly encourage everyone on LeoFinance to steal - which is very similar to AskLeo.

I have a few ideas for developing an actual product behind LeoAlpha, but that will come later. For now, I believe we can use this tagline to target LeoFinance writers and researchers in the community to specific topics and cryptocurrencies with the explicit interest of generating alpha.

What is Alpha?

In investing, Alpha refers to excessive returns that one can generate (usually compared to some sort of Benchmark... i.e. Hedge Funds often compare themselves to the S&P500).

The term Alpha has grown in popularity - especially in the crypto space - as a term to refer to Alpha Leaks or generating Alpha... basically, we say Alpha when we mean that our aim is to generate a return (usually one that outperforms your typical return on something like hodling BTC, for example).

What is LeoAlpha?

I think LeoAlpha could develop into a similar series that "AskLeo" did - such is my hope, at least.

The idea for this came to me through the conversations I described above. Through those conversations, we kept coming back to certain ideas around hiring research teams and analysts - much like the typical Wall Street Hedge Funds and Firms.

But LeoFinance is no typical Hedge Fund... No Typical Firm...

We're a decentralized Web3 community. We are armed with the incredible technology of immutable content, tokenized engagement and blockchain-based interactions.

Our community brainpower is unmatched when it comes to generating Alpha.

In thinking about this idea, I looked back to content that generated very clear Alpha for this community:

  1. Shanghaipreneur showed us RUNE
  2. @jk6276 showed us AKT
  3. @nealmcspadden, @flauwy (and many others) showed us Splinterlands
  4. @trumpman & @empoderat showed us AVA
  5. ...

and so many more! Many examples of Alpha generating ideas that were shared in their very infant stages right here on LeoFinance.

What is Our Mission?

What I hope to create from this is a simple discussion piece. Much like @crypto-guides, @leomarkettalk, #AskLeo...

I hope that the community can take this idea of generating Alpha and run with it.

In each #LeoAlpha post, (from me, anyways. Feel free to structure it however you like) I will start by discussing the basics of some idea I've come across in crypto.

This might be something like an early-stage RUNE investment I've been pondering.

It might be something like XRUNE (which I participated in at the early-stage raise rounds).

It might be something like THOR (a new IDO on Thorstarter).

It might be something like discovering the next play-to-earn like Splinterlands

AVA, AKT ... you name it.

My posts will start as my introduction to the concept. I'll most likely have a bullet point list of questions I've generated from my early (and quick) research into the project - usually the quick 5 minute scrape I do on Twitter.

It isn't very time-consuming to put something like this together.

What we're doing is finding ideas out there in the crypto space. Then we're working as a community to pull on that thread and see if it leads us to Alpha.

Obviously, my time has become extremely consumed in the past 8-10 months. This is a good and bad thing. It's great because I've been building awesome applications with all of the devs involved with LeoFinance and CubFinance. It sucks sometimes because I have less time to focus on engagement here at the base layer (https://leofinance.io).

With so many more people on the team,

  • Admins
  • New Curators
  • New Devs
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Marketing Team (taking over post-production of the podcast)
  • Automation
  • ...

I feel like some time has been freed up to focus on one of the most important aspects of LeoFinance - Building Community.

Generating Alpha is more than just making a nice return. Sure, selfishly I would love to tap into the LeoFinance Community brainpower to generate returns for my own portfolio.. but more important than that: generating Alpha provides us with a deep level of value in this community.

Looking for Alpha is an "in the trenches" game. It bands us all together toward a common mission. On the tail end of that, as Alpha is successfully generated, the average wealth of the LeoFinance community grows. As that stat grows, so too does the buying power of this community and I think it's quite obvious that this has a direct link to the value of our community tokens.

Anyways, this is what it looks like when I vomit ideas onto the page. As @taskmaster4450 and others closely involved know: I have many such ideas and they are all sitting in endless list-formatted notes. I'm working on getting better at just delivering these ideas to the community so anyone can take up the mantle and run with them. I think this particular idea has a shot at becoming something valuable for the community, let's see where it leads us.

Expect a follow-up post from me with my first entry to the LeoAlpha series. I hope to see a lot of people get involved as we selfishly try to generate Alpha for ourselves and selflessly try to generate Alpha for eachother and the broader community.

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