Is Thorchain (RUNE) A Good Crypto to Buy? | A Top 10 Market Cap in the Making

Thorchain (RUNE) has been on my radar for the past 6 or so months now. Prof K was the first one who came to LeoFinance and started talking about RUNE and why he thought the Thorchain project had massive potential to be one of the core projects in all of DeFi and the crypto space.

This clip is from an interview with Prof K back in late November of 2020. We talked about Thorchain and how they are actively building one of the most important projects in the crypto space.

At the time, RUNE was about $0.60-$0.70. This was shortly after the DeFi boom/bust cycle. As RUNE hit $1, many of us thought it would be our last chance to accumulate on the cheap. Eventually, RUNE came back down to $0.40 (in a similar timeline to this recording) and I managed to buy heavily into the project.

Today, RUNE is not only back over $1, but it actually just broke $2 for the first time ever.

This project is still massively undervalued and I think this is just the beginning. Thorchain recently (2 days ago) released an ERC20 bridge for RUNE. This allows RUNE to be pooled on the Ethereum blockchain with protocols like Uniswap and Sushiswap.

This is a sort of temporary measure as more permanent cross-chain infrastructure is built. One thing that I've been waiting for is the native BTC integration - this will allow anyone to pool REAL Bitcoin (not wrapped) with RUNE on the Thorchain cross-chain liquidity protocol.

Right now, we're seeing a lot of positive price action over the recent ETH integration. I think this is just the beginning. If this is any indication of what's to come when BTC is launched, I think $6, $8 and even $10+ are not outside the realm of possibility. A native BTC AMM protocol will radically change the entire DeFi landscape forever.

Needless to say, Thorchain is one of my most bullish investments. I believe that this project can become a top 10 cryptocurrency by market cap not to mention all of the real-world value it brings to liquidity providers and cryptocurrencies themselves.

I've written about Thorchain (RUNE) in the past. If you want to learn more, here is a great article to start with: @khaleelkazi/what-is-thorchain-and-the-rune-cryptocurrency

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