Huge Opportunity for pHBD to Gain a Foothold in the DeFi Stablecoin Space

In this clip from the Weekly AMA, we talk about building great onramp and offramp liquidity for HBD through pHBD.

The entire goal for any Stablecoin is security and reliability. People want to earn fixed interest with little exposure to market volatility.

This opportunity for pHBD to take a foothold popped up when HBD's on-chain rate went to 20% and got even bigger when everything with UST went down and with the recent fallout of the crypto markets.

Stablecoins are on the rise. HBD could fill a HUGE gap right now.

The rise pf UST/LUNA was really because of this anchor 20% interest rate. So if this interest rate can be marketed correctly, it can cause HIVE/HBD to take off in a very similar way to LUNA and UST.

The key difference: the Hive community. In this clip, we talk about the opportunity that Hive has roight now to gain a large market share in DeFi and we also talk about what we're doing with and our pHBD deployment to help that vision move forward.

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