Want To Earn Some Free Crypto? Here's 7 Ways For Us To Generate Abundance Together!

Interested in getting signed up for something new today? If you follow my content at all, or know me from any meetups or anything, then you probably know that I'm always teaching folks about various crypto wallets, exchanges, ways to earn crypto for living, and much more.

Since I often forget to mention that I have referral codes and such, missing out on potential income for myself, and sometimes bonuses for those folks as well. Today seemed like a great to do a whole post about my links, so people can come jump on some new sites, and we can all generate more abundance for each other!

Remember, all of these tools have referral programs that you can use as well, so sign up for anything that you think might be useful to you, and then start giving your referral code out to people, so you can generate some crypto as well :-)

Here's the 7 platforms we're going to look at today:

  • Hive Blockchain
  • LBRY Blockchain
  • Simpleswap
  • Presearch
  • Actifit
  • Purse.io
  • Gamerhash

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Kenny's Referral Links

Here's all the referral links I have currently, for a variety of different services/sites - each with a small breakdown of what the platform is about, and how the referrals work.

HIVE is my primary blockchain, it's where I put my content, it's where I read content, it's where I play games, connect with community, and much more. Hive is a free platform, where anyone can put out their content for free, and get paid in crypto based on the up-votes. It's also a fast (3-second block time) and transaction-fee-less replacement for smart contract platforms like Ethereum & NEO. Want to earn a few cents for comments? Want to be part of things like the weekly open mic or the many weekly questions?

Hive can be accessed & interacted with via dozens of different front-ends, like peakd.com, naturalmedicine.io, leofinance.io, and more.

You can learn plenty more about HIVE by scrolling through my blog, as I've been writing about it, making intro videos, and so on for 5 years now.

My HIVE Link: https://hiveonboard.com?ref=kennyskitchen

Some folks have issues getting started on HIVE. If this link gives you any trouble, just reach out directly and I can help you set up an account.

LBRY is a content platform, looking to replace YouTube (among others), and creating a decentralized, censorship-less means for people to share their videos and the like. LBRY's seeding functions similarly to IPFS or BTFS, and everyone with an account can choose to download & host any videos they want. Odysee.com is currently the primary front-end for this blockchain, though the LBRY app is great too.

Content creators get paid per view in LBC, and everyone can earn coins via the assorted gamification options, like earning every time you update the app, earning for your first view each day, earning for everyone who signs up via your referral link, and so on.

My LBRY Link: https://odysee.com/$/invite/@kennyskitchen:9

Simpleswap is a quick, easy, non-KYC, non-custodial option for switching between hundreds of different crypto-currencies. All you have to do is choose the coin you want to send, and the coin you want to receive, plug in your receive address, and press EXCHANGE, then send the coins you are swapping out to the address they gave you.

These guys are super easy to work with, transactions go quickly, and any time I've had an issue, they've been super fast to take care of it for me. Fees are usually on par or cheaper than Changelly or Exodus, and mostly just depend on the network fees for a given chain.

I just got this affiliate code today, I've just been sending folks to this platform for months and months with no kick-backs 😝

My SimpleSwap Link: https://simpleswap.io/?ref=5153e1c21c35

Presearch is re-creating the search engine... but a decentralized, private search engine. Using their node system (which anyone can set up, to earn more crypto), your searches jump to a node that strips away all the metadata, and then passes that search on to a different node, who then sends the queries out, with the results making their way back to you.

At the moment, this decentralized & privatized version of searching is a bit slower than something like Google or DuckDuckGo... but there's always trade offs. Since you get paid 0.12 PRE tokens for every search you do (up to 30 per day), just think of it as getting paid for a short wait :-)

The referral link on this one gives 25 PRE for each person that signs up under you.

My Presearch Link: https://presearch.org/signup?rid=1615775

Actifit is actually a dApp on the HIVE blockchain. It's a pedometer, that pays you in crypto for the steps you take. I've never actually used it for that myself, but I did buy some of their tokens when it first launched, and have had them staked for years now... which I just learned while grabbing links has now turned into a few thousand dollars.

You can sign up for a HIVE account via @actifit, or if you already have one you can simply link it to their app. This one pays for your steps, had yield-farming and other ways to generate interest, and pays for each sign-up under you (though I can't see as specific details on how that works.)

My Actfit Link: https://actifit.io/signup?referrer=kennyskitchen

Purse.io was one of the first websites to make it really easy to spend crypto on physical world items. You simply sign up, deposit BTC to your account, and then shop for anything you want from Amazon. Once you've filled your cart, you can make an offer for those items (often getting 10% or more off the Amazon listed price), and then your funds are held in escrow and your offer is put on the market. Someone else, with Amazon credit of some kind, fulfills the wishlist that Purse just created, and when your items arrive, you release the funds from escrow.

I've used this dozens of times over the years, and the only issue I've ever had was because I was trying to get too big of a discount, and nobody would accept my offer.

When someone uses your referral link, nothing happens at first, but as soon as they spend $100 on the platform, both the referee and referrer get $5 worth of Bitcoin added to their accounts.

My Purse.io Link: https://purse.io/?_r=2qOqZp

Gamerhash is the one thing on this list that I am actually not all that familiar with. Basically, they are a mining pool, as well as a game store, as well as some other gaming stuff... and they have their own token: GHX

What I do know is that since we got my dad's gaming rig (that never gets used) set up about 3 days ago to mine with Gamerhash, it's received just over 0.06 mBTC (~$4) in mining rewards, plus a "bonus" of 5.6 GHX, so that's about $3/day averaged so far. Now, to be fair, apparently the GHX bonus has a monthly allotment for the platform, so more of those won't be issued until May.

In addition to earning for your CPU & GPU's idle time, mining cryptos, you can also do their play & earn program, where you complete little quests (like voting for them to be on Blockfolio, getting a SWIPE card, etc) to earn more of their coins.

There is, of course also the referral program, where the new user receives 300 Satoshis and 60 days of 0% mining pool fees (usually 0-7% based on your amount mined - going down as production goes up), and the referrer gets $0.20 after your first $2 mined, and $1 after your first $5 from play & earn

My GamerHash Link: https://gamerhash.com/en/g/Q9lnEx4q

Anyway, I think the last time I really shared an affiliate link was Anarchaforko back in 2017 or '18... but I've got a whole bunch of these links, and I keep sharing these tools & resources with people anyway, so I might as well get my links out there right?

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