Blog #75: The Feeling Of ROMO (Regret Of Missing Out)

Hey Hivers!

ROMO (Regret of Missing Out). Is that what I am experiencing today? My memory goes back to the year 2017 when my friend first spoke to me about the possibility of investing in crypto currency. He tried to convince me that it was a good investment with a long term view.

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But my first thought was what can digital currency possibly mean? Bank transfer are good. Credit cards are acceptable. Phone payment app are also good. But what is this crypto currency? An alien and in all probabilities a scam in the making and what other reaction would one expect from a common person with a middle class and conservative mindset?

And instead of investing money in cryptos, I enrolled for a post-graduate MBA program. Had to suspend my education after the first semester due to some reasons.

Four years down the line, I am almost kicking myself for not listening to my friend. The feeling of ROMO (Regret Of Missing Out).

The usual questions doing rounds in my brain:

  • Was it a bad idea not to invest?
  • Is it still time to invest?
  • Will the crypto market crash someday?
  • Should I wait for a dip in prices to buy?
  • Had I invested in cryptos rather than paying for the post-graduate program I would have a healthy bank balance today.

This feeling of ROMO had came in more than a year back and that's when I started seriously reading about cryptos at the beginning of the pandemic. Had I done this investment of time earlier, I believe I would be laughing all the way to the bank today.

Just to explain, I have analyzed the price movement of ethereum since beginning of 2017. Ethereum was selling at approximately $11 then. Today's priced at around $3,921. Isn't that phenomenal? Another example is Bitcoin which has rising from $1,000 to $52,639 in the same period.

But then bygones are bygones. My learning from this is that it's never bad to learn about different investment avenues. It's not necessary that one invests in every avenue. But keeping oneself educated on investing is an asset which stays with you forever. It's this knowledge that helps your money work for you when you cannot work anymore for money.

Happy learning and investing!

Thank you for reading and see you on my next blog. Cheers!

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