One more badge - I am a proud hodler of at least 10 $BRO

Yesterday I saw a very interesting post on twitter ...
The peakd (hive) users who have at least 10 BRO in their account, immediately will receive an extra badge


I remembered that I had bought some BRO, but could not remember how much - so I immediately checked my hive-engine wallet where I saw that I own 8.2 of those ;)


I of course decided that the time is right to get my hands on (at least) 1.8 BRO more :) So let's see step by step how I will do it!

Step 1 - Sign in hive-engine

Step 2 - Visit


Step 3 Click on the amounts you wish and click on BUY tokens

I just did and now I have over 11 BROs!


Now let's go see if a new badge is there :)

It's not there yet but I am sure I will see it very soon :)

If you do not know where $BRO comes from, I suggest that you check out the following links

Official Account @brofund

Official announcement - Announcing BROFI

And this i a previous post of mine when I was exploring the passive income possibilities regarding BRO-FI here

Attention - please note that this is not financial investment advise. Always do your own research before taking any actions

Do you usually invest in hive-engine tokens?
Do you hodl or sell the ones you receive from the various hive projects?

I will be happy to hear your opinion!

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