CoinMarketCap Campaign: "Learn & Earn Orchid" [My responses included]

New Learn and Earn Campaign by CoinMarketCap!


Yesterday, as I was preparing my post about the new CoinMarketCap campaign "10,000 BTC to be Won" I saw a very small, tiny banner on the top of the page :)

Take part in our latest crypto Earn event! 🌺 Learn about Orchid Protocol, get OXT tokens!


It was so tiny, I almost missed it!

Campaign Link & what is included

I case you also missed the link, feel free to click here > and visit the campaign main page.

What you will see is the landing page with the extra information.

What the user is required to do is watch 4 short videos and reply correctly to the questions asked.

Lesson 1:

What is OXT?

Designed to enable Orchid’s unique, decentralized privacy marketplace.

Lesson 2:

What are Orchid hops and nanopayments

How Orchid’s unique features increase privacy and strengthen anonymity.

Lesson 3:

Orchid, the decentralized privacy marketplace

How Orchid brings together leading VPN providers help people reclaim the Internet and explore freely.

Lesson 4:

What are Orchid hops?

How Orchid lets people combine the services of multiple VPNs for maximum privacy

Sure, but what is Orchid & OXT?

OXT is an Ethereum (ERC-20) compliant digital currency used to exchange value on the Orchid network. Orchid users purchase bandwidth with OXT, and Orchid node providers receive OXT in exchange for their bandwidth. Both users and providers stake OXT.


Official Website:


Tip! Put on the CC subtitles in your preferred language


(To do so, click on CC button on the bottom right of the video)

All the videos are of 1 min. duration

Let's go to Lesson 1 to 4

Let's watch the videos (5 minutes from your time)
Then, you click on 'Take the quiz' and you are transferred here to respond to the below 12 questions ..

Are we ready? YEEES


1 Please verify you are human :)


2 Make sure you read the Terms & Conditions before continuing -


3 Fill in your CoinMarketCap email address (if you don't have an account you may have to make one for future use - all you need is an email)


4 You need to provide again your 8-digit Binance user ID (perhaps so that you will be sent the OXT if you win?)

Create a Binance Account now with this Ref link for a 10% commission for both of us!

( In case you dont have a binance account, feel free to use my ref so that we both get a 10% on commissions! )


5 What is the total supply of OXT tokens?


Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 OXT (found it in the provided link)

6 What is NOT a weakness of traditional VPNs?

I was not sure but I replied the first one 'They cannot be used on public WIFI' because all the rest are known weaknesses and mentioned in the video


7 Why was Orchid created?

Correct Response: 1
To build on the strength of VPNs and address their shortcomings


8 What is OXT?

Correct: 2 The Orchid digital asset, used to enable its privacy marketplace


9 What is the OXT's role on Orchid?

Correct: 1 It helps ensure ample bandwidth & strengthen privacy


10 What are Orchid credits?

Correct: 1 Accounts pre-filled with OXT that can be purchased with nothing more than an ordinary card


11 Name one feature that allows Orchid to keep data more private than traditional VPN services*

Correct 2: Multiple hops between VPN providers


12 How many hops can be configured on Orchid?

Correct 1: As many as a user wants
(I could not find a definite answer for this, so I assumed number 1)


That's it!

Please make sure you check the responses before submitting.

I cannot know for sure if the above responses are correct. Please take the quiz at your own responsibility!


Good Luck!

TL;DR Version

Another Learn and Earn Campaign - where you can watch videos, take a quiz and earn yourself some OXT tokens (OXT rate is at the moment at 0,25 $ LINK - LIVE PRICE

You will need a coinmarketcap account, a binance account) and 5-10 minutes of your time to fill in the quiz.

It is not clearly mentioned how much OXT we will receive, or when we will receive it.

I have included my responses, but I am not sure if all of them are correct. Please respond responsibly and at your own risk.


Thank you so much for visiting!

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