Holy crap, I got airdropped in Ampleforth for a good one

Some times crypto space is the most beautiful thing there is, in terms of airdrops, crazyness and free money. I was triggered by this post written by @belemo where he was talking about how he was eligible for an airdrop from the Forth token which is the token which is together with the stablecoin token Ample.

Ampleforth has this crazy way of working where the amount of token which you have in your wallet fluctuates and not the value of it. This is to me kind of an experimental way of thinking of how governance should be played, and hey it might as well work. Who knows.

There was spoken about how people who have the AMPL token are eligible for it, and by posting on Publish0x I got some. And with some I mean not enough to buy an ice cream from, literally a couple of bucks. But hey everything is worth a shot to look into something right?

So I went to the claimsite and went to pick up my tokens connecting my wallet through metamask. Initially I was irritated because it would cost me $11 on gasfees so I went to check out what the price of this token is and if it would be worth the claim versus the gasfees, and it turns out it is like $36/$37 dollars a pop. WTF.


So in turbo modus I went to get some ethereum from somewhere to start claiming these tokens. The pending took like forever and I remember again why I hate ethereum so much. Expensive and soooooo slow.

On etherscan I saw that my claim came through but I saw nothing in my metamask so I went to other ethereum frontends to get there and see if the Forth had reached. The fact that this is already so difficult to even see... again, did I mention my ethereum hate? :D

Well, the Forth had reached and with a quick look I saw it was enough to pay the rent from a couple of months and nearly fainted. An airdrop like this? From just posting a couple posts and keeping that in my wallet? Is paying the rent? Really..crazy!

And the crazy thing is that I remember that Publish0x also had rewards in UNI before the launch and everyone who had UNI in some wallet got airdropped like crazy. That was before my time unfortunately, but this one makes up for it. I guess Publish0x-ers are through the roof by now.

Tactics for this free money? I think Ampleforth will drop for a bit because it is just after the release. Maybe later on I will buy back, but for now it was time to dump some before the price might tank. I was a bit too late for this take-off of the day to invest it into something now everything is back up several percent, so that will be a good reason to have some Tether on the side for when there is a dip again.

Hell maybe I will even start some CUB farming with this free crypto.

I would say, if you have some AMPL check if you can get the airdrop as well. It is worth it. And @belemo , I owe you one for bringing this to my attention

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