Hive power up day. Why you also need liquid hive

Today is the first of the month and that is an awesome reason and reminder to power up a bit of Hive again. It is like a signal that you support the cause of Hive and are not only there for the payout but you want to make the future a better place.

Today is that day, and did you remind yourself already that powering up and having some votes here and there leads to curation rewards as well.

They aren't that much when you don't have a lot of Hive powered up, but you get it right..the more you power up and improve your curation skills, the more you will eventually make out of them.

I suck at active curation. So what I do is when I have the time I search for posts which I like and vote and comment on them, and next to that I have an autovoter running for the time I am at work. Effective and fine I would say!

So powering up!

This is actually an easy proces if you aren't familiar with it. Go to your wallet and when you are on the Hive menu (not the HBD one) there yo have the power up option in your hamburger menu. Click on it, and sign the message either with your Hive Keychain or your Hivesigner and you are good to go.

As said I don't have a lot of liquid rewards to power up anymore since I bought the validator license node. But that is the reason why having some liquid Hive on the side is also king to me. You need to have something on the side to make impulsive decisions, otherwise the powering down in 13 weeks (even though this is best for the eco system, this is not attractive as a consumer) doesn't make this happen.

See every now and then things pop up you want to invest in. Usually there is an announcement of that, but very often no date specified just around what time something will be. Even more often this would not give a full 13 weeks tot power down your funds for using it.

I like to use my funds which are already in the ecosystem. Keep them in there. Use more to make more. And that is why I keep liquid Hive in there as well.

If the power down date would be shorter I would keep less liquid and more powered up....

But that is the good thing why we have proposals and witnesses. To keep the discussion about this alive because there are always pros and cons.

Our own little democracy..

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