The Fourth Turning and inevitable collapse of America and the old world

The current collapse of social order, particularly in the USA today, could theoretically be based on the economic collapse which is attributed to the covid-19 pandemic lockdown. Businesses have been forced to close and we have been unable to do business as usual. And thus people are under extreme stress from health as well as economic factors. But this economic downturn was already on the cards. We could see it coming last year already. Expert economists were warning that the cyclic financial system was inevitably moving toward its downturn. The pandemic lockdown simply acted as the trigger to set it off.

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Yet this overall collapse of the entire fabric of society on so huge levels was is a natural part of the grand scheme of our system and they way it is designed. In fact this collapse was predicted 30 years ago already. In his epic book “The Fourth Turning: an American prophecy” author William Straus and his team wrote lucidly about this very collapse that we are undergoing right now. In other words this is all going according to plan or according to the natural law of our system. This was inevitable and it was seen coming by the elite. It could even be engineered.

Straus describes the step by step path to collapse and rebirth by saying it goes through five distinct stages beginning with:

1 The Spark
In our current case the spark was the virus. The covid-19 pandemic was a perfect storm or perfect front for igniting the spark, right at the time when the economic system was unable to hold much water and was on the way to sinking anyway. Economists know that there are 8-10 year boom and bust cycles and the bust was overdue to happen any day now. Add to that of course the fact that it is an election year in USA and the political war is really hardcore this year. President Trump is the most divisive president America has had for some time. All the stops are being pulled out in the attempt to unseat him, including deliberate destabilization by the deep state or forces behind the scenes trying to keep their hold on power. The pandemic arrived and control measures were put into place, like lockdown and closure. In his book Straus describes how this leads to resistance by mayors and city officials against the Federal government’s demands, then leading to actual public protest. Natural the people are desperate to work and earn a living to survive now. This leads to urban gangs reclaiming their streets, as we see in the CHAZ autonomous zones. Naturally the calls then mount for the President to implement martial law. This leads to the next stage:

2 Disruption
The real disruption is still to occur. What we are seeing is only the beginning. If the president declares martial law, then the opposition can call him out on it, or blame him for more wrongdoings and tarnish hid attempt at re-election. Anything that can make him look bad in the eyes of the public will be attempted now. This is where we are now in the cycle of collapse. There is a decline in civic confidence and the people are losing their faith in the structures of power. De-fund the police for example, is a protest movement against the government systems, as foolish as the concept seems. Take away the police and you are opening up the playing field for the gangs or mob to have a field day. Deaths are already occurring in these autonomous zones. With this breakdown of trust – real or engineered – in the old system, the people will be incited to call for a new one. Soon we will see the next phase:

3 Collapse
We have not seen real collapse yet, only a straining of the system. Soon we will see the total devaluation of all assets. This is obvious when the Fed and government go on their money printing spree, in the name of Quantitative Easing by another name. And when the Fed chairman, Jerome Powell says they have a mandate to print unlimited amounts of money, then naturally this means they have lost control of the old monetary system. MMT or modern monetary theory was not designed to undergo this sort of manipulation. A massive devaluing of your currency is the obvious result. And this leads to the devaluation of everything. That’s how inflation works. Prices don’t automatically go up, rather the dollar goes down. It loses its purchasing power. As the economy collapses for real and our money becomes worth less, trust further disintegrates in the old system and a downward spiral ensues, leading all the way to the next stage:

4 Climax
This is the devaluation of all assets, including your house and all the assets you may have invested in to store your wealth, except perhaps gold of course, though that is also manipulated and the price suppressed all along anyway. Stocks are propped up by the QE at the moment but that cannot last and so all assets will devalue and poverty leads naturally to gangs of desperate people. We will see more armed public militias as well as private security forces on our streets. This will lead to armed confrontation, a class war and potentially a superpower war. This is where we are heading, if the current trajectory is anything to go by. USA and China are in such conflict at present, exacerbated by the pandemic and blame game around the origin of the virus. It makes for a perfect catalyst of false flag or point of contention to trigger a hot war between the current global leader and currency, and the incumbent waiting in the wings, in the form of China. They are ruthless and are playing the long game toward global domination. We may see a world war the likes of which we can only imagine. This is how the theory goes. We can only hope that it does not play itself out. Whatever happens, it leads ultimately to the last phase:

5 New beginnings
After the collapse ans destruction of the old order we see the economy recover and trust is reborn in the new system. A new social contract is written between the people and the leaders of the new order. So it could get worse before it gets better at this current stage that we are seeing now. This is only a theory and I have presented the possible scenarios that could pay out. I hope this current collapse does not lead to a world war, but I don’t see China giving up its expansionist drive to world domination any time soon. Either they will walk over us all and take over the show, or some nation or group of nations will stand up to them. USA will not give up their power without a fight either.

One other wild card to consider is the effect of climate change and the catastrophe it has been seen to bring. Both USA, in recent years already, and China right now as I write this, have experienced historic flooding and crop damage, which could lead to global food shortage, further inciting the masses. And China’s race for power could be slowed by the one uncontrolled and unknown factor, namely the weather. Whatever happens, this is the most dangerous time I have ever seen on the planet and I would recommend everyone to prepare for a long haul of survival through self-sufficiency and your own wits at this stage because your government may not be able to come to your rescue and it may end up being the survival of the fittest, as macabre as that sounds. This is just a list of the potentials in theory so don’t take my words as anything to go by. Rather do your own research and prepare yourself accordingly. Tomorrow will bring the new dawn and light of day. We just have to get through the dark night right now.

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