My 2021 Hive highlights

It's such a good thing to talk about how your year went on the platform and how the struggles has been.

I've been anticipating on when to finally get to talk about how my journey on Hive has been. Literally it hasn't been an easy journey so far but I can say it has paved some ways for me financially and as far as I know I'm reaching the attaining the level of my financial freedom.

Well I didn't start early and at first it was kinda rough reason because I didn't know what and what to do here, where to post each content, the communities that are well suited for me and how to fill in the tags after writing or creating a content. But, thanks to my good friend @emeka he did stoodby and helped out in so many ways, like scolding me to do write about what I do for leaving, about my talents, about so many things. though, he wasn't the one that introduced me to the platform it was @rufans. These guys have been supportive right from day one i.e way back in college days.

My Hive highlights is somehow complicated and hasn't been easy for me cause writing about content isn't my thing but ever since I have joined the platform I've been able to flow along very well after reading so many curated post and content, and one more thing it's not about just writing alone, critical thinking is involve you have to know what the people on the platform needs and want, alot of research is required here. The most interesting thing about this platform is that there are so many ways for you to earn here, it's not limited to creating and posting content alone

I think one of the interesting thing about Hiveblog is you learn and earn at the same. It has double benefits and one of the things you need to do is be consistent, yeah consistency. That was another problem for me at first when I joined newly. I was finding it very difficult to be stable online. So I kinda missed the trending stuffs on the platform and contest that are being raised with prizes.

I had to sit back and give it my full concentration, attention and commitment. Though it involves critical thinking of what to do to earn and also share valuable content that would be of benefits to other people in the platform.

Looking at all those big guys here on hive well, for forme it has been a motivational stuff for me. You know seeing them earn big with a very good and outstanding content and not just anyhow post I can say they've come a long way so I think it's their time to enjoy the benefits and reap the good seed they've sowed here. I'd no doubt like to be among the big guys I think they are called the "whales". But commitment and originality is the key to successful journey here on Hive platform.

Still working on my creativity, commitment and all. I know before the year runs out I'm sure I won't be where I'm today here on the platform. It's a good thing to write about ourselves and our journey here. See you guys at the top.

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