Time, Priority & Money: In Retrospect (Part 3)


So the reason why I'm making a third post here is because for some reasons, there might be the erroneous idea that the first and second post generally centers on hive and hive alone, but then, this isn't true. I used to say that the internet itself is a Pandora's box. It's muddled with unexpectations and many people have keyed into the negative aspect of it.

Truth is, many of us haven't gone down this path and for so many others, the internet have become a tool, a sort of panacea through which problems are solved. First and foremost, problems takes time, priorities and sometimes, money to actually solve them. I've met a lot of people in my lifetime and most of their problems have been associated with "how to do it" and most times the internet have come in very handy to solving these problems.

Now, a lot of us have been associated with "internet money" even way before the concept of hive was born. In the past the internet was a lot about "connecting", but nowadays, the concept has gotten more sophisticated: you can get entertained, learn, get educated, get enlightened, transact, get involved with e-commerce, promote a real-time of virtual business

make money without even having a degree or never undergone an interview in the four walls of a company all your life. See, the mindset is key; when you psychologically see the financial prospects of the delimitations that comes with the internet, you don't see a source of income, you see abilities to create wealth beyond income.

Income is limited, the reason is that there's a timestamp placed on it. A lot of people don't feel that their value is borderless or unlimited, and this creates a mentality of constraint deep inside them. They feel that their efforts is restricted to a monthly or weekly interval, meanwhile the people who are controlling the world's wealth are earning in "milliseconds". Some of the wealthiest people in the world have a connection to the internet and internet tools.

Not to make any comparison here. Nevertheless, in the world where we are, being restricted to a means of income isn't bad, what is bad is the mentality that you don't have a choice but to stay inside a particular restriction. Poverty is being restricted and feeling restricted. It takes the mindset to actually activate it.


Virtuality is becoming sophisticated, and it's added more to the meaning of our lives, living in virtuality more than real-time doesn't make your income less of money. A lot of people still thinks depending on the internet to make a living isn't an actual life to be living, as it doesn't forestall certainty. But then inasmuch as an actual job does, there's the risk of dying from job hazards, there's the risk of getting sacked, there's the risk of a pandemic that renders people unemployed without warning.

There's the risk of inflation and many other things, it's all about choosing your risks and weighing the consequence and advantages. Someone playing splinterlands or maybe anxie infinity now have an opportunity to live a better life in real-time, reinvest their income, diversify and unlock other opportunities, shall we then say the risk hasn't been justified?

In the future I will look towards having a better stable job, not for certainty but to even unlock another means. Those who look to a job for the clarification of certainty will not see beyond the opportunities created within that space. This is why I'm always talking about seeing utility to one's time, I've always talked about this with @starstrings01, @k-banti, @joetunex and many other people who I'm close with.

Notwithstanding, I always appreciate the time I have with me because through this time I've come to learn overtime that you don't need all the knowledge, you only need the ones that actually matters. It's important for one to see beyond their current position. When you feel you can attain stability because the internet feels unstable for dependability, better make sure your source of income is dependable and not affected by the variables I've talked about in the subsequent paragraphs.

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