The Impact Of Utility Bills On Personal Finance (Nigeria As A Case Study) 


In my personal finance journey so far, I've discovered utilities bills irrespective of how minor they look are often a huge dent in the finances of people after they pay them, especially if they're not planned for. Truth is, the only way to actually pay these bills successful is to actually plan for them. The need for planning is to actually create an economical condition where one gets to prioritize the most important in their daily finance lives.

I've met many folks who feel that feeding is their priority in life and when they can feed, they do not care about spending on external conditions like electricity, health care, water or even internet, as a result of this, they channel all their resources to feeding, making it difficult to live a better life, due to their inabilities to be economical.

Some people feel that it's difficult to be economical especially when they're poor, due to this they begin to lay more emphasis on some particular needs alone. In Nigeria, one of the most owed utility bill is electricity. This is because many people do not see electricity as an essential utility need, and this is definitely concerning.

Electricity is intertwined into the lives of many people for so many purposes, but irrespective of the fact that the government doesn't do well with the supply, the fact that many don't see it as an essential commodity is another different topic for discussion. However, trillions of Naira are owed by many Nigerians on a lot of utility bills and this is sometimes as a result of being financially irresponsible.

We're however not focusing on how the system is rotten, we're focusing on how economical failures in the part of people have actually contributed to this. Electricity, for example, aids my ability to use my devices, but I live amongst people who also need to pay these bills in other for me to actually be able to use electricity.

People used to feel that these bills are too difficult to pay when they haven't even made plans on how to pay it. These people feel poor because they're mindless with their spending, they take no second thoughts to things they spend on, hence making it difficult to actually spend on what matters after they've exhausted the money they've earned for a particular period. They blame the government for paying them poorly but never blame themselves for being economically imprudent.


What people call term as "being poor" is not having the resources to take care of their numerous needs, what I call "being poor" is not finding the right way to spend on the right things at an equally appropriate time. Poverty is not having money, it's actually not knowing how to manage the resources at one's disposal. A phone for example serves, utility, so does internet and electricity which are complementary demand.

Spending on these commodities are to be considered necessary because when rightly put to good use, the utility to satisfy some particular wants will actually suffice. Financial responsibility comes when people take charge of some normal bills. A good example of how to do this, is saving. Saving is the act of setting asides money for a period of time for futuristic use.

Savings is the money itself gotten from a process of saving. The habits of saving alone helps people filter. Filtering is just like making a scale of preference. It is a process where you begin to see the essence of spending on commodities that you cannot do without and can serve utility as well.

When you filter, the important thing stay afloat, and then you can firstly take care of them. This isn't basically being prudent. Being prudent, is allocating the right resources reasonably, while filtering making a selection from the most important to the least important. These are economic skills' people who have limited resources can cultivate on a daily basis.

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