Splinterlands: The Guild Experience Is Insanely Incentivizing.


I'm getting better at my Guild play, the fray battles were quite tough, but I'm beginning to maximize some of the Gladius cards I have at my behest to grind out some decent wins.

I think my Guild has locked out the Zaku, but I don't know of the Quora until I probably face it soon.

So I avoided the Quora in the last fray and got to battle with my water deck as well and this time around, I had 90% low mana games, with the highest mana game being about 29.

This week was fair, I won four games and lost four as well

I narrowly lost the last one, and generally, I can say my Guild did better than in the previous fray before this one and this is why the merit and SPS were better than the last time.

16.7 SPS is no joke and believe me, 1.95 merit, is awesome. At the moment, I'm beginning to fancy the merit rewards, because having them increases my chances of owning more Gladius cards across all elements, and this, in turn, helps me build more formidable strategies.

A lot of people are no longer playing the first tier of Splinterlands anymore, but they're part of good guild where they earned decent rewards for being part of the guild.

The Second Tier Might Just Be A Good Form Of Retention

Here are some calculations

For what it's worth, SPS is going to blow up very soon, so earning them is going to be worthwhile. For example, some people earn close to 50 SPS in their guild. If they compete in five fray battles for one season.

That's about 250 SPS in a season and probably 500 SPS in one month. Now, I'm not saying staking these SPS will be enough to meet the new SPS requirement to earn maximum rewards, but there's the opportunity for compound interest.

However, someone who has been amassing SPS through the Guilds for close to two years will have a sizeable stash of SPS which they can at least add to if they plan to earn maximum rewards.


Taking What's Available

This is to say that, on Splinterlands you're creatively responsible for squeezing the assets you're due for. For example, I failed to join a guild all this while, meanwhile missing out on that foregone SPS could have been really crucial for me.

In the beginning, I thought that playing in the Guild would prevent me from my other online and real-life activities but I was totally wrong. The experience of playing in the guild feels, even more, better than playing the first tier.

I don't know if the requirements for playing in the guild will change in the future, because it's constantly changing in the first tier, and the only way to mitigate or blend with these changes is to have enough money.

Keep It Going

However, for now, I want to keep enjoying the prospect of playing in the Guild and earning merits and SPS. Some of my guild members really did good jobs with their individual battles.

I also got to buy another Gladius pack which I opened.

Once again, that's nothing spectacular inside the pack and my search for a Quora Towershead continues. I know it's going to take a long time to get the Quora and I'll continue searching for it.

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