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Fashion is currently a lucrative business in almost anywhere and this is because people has exceeded the basic need to be clothed. People do not just need to be clothed, they want to be clothed and this is basically taking clothing, assesories to another level. if you noticed the thin line between "want" and "need" that is when you begin to understand that fashion is a choice and not a basic necessity and hence choices are costly and you'll need to pay quite well to derive the satisfaction of having a choice, probably a grand choice.

I decided to go to shop for a new bag today despite the fact that I already have one. but then what prompted my decision to shop for a new bag even if I had one already? this is not because the bag I had wasn't serving a purpose; a purpose of holding my books and my collectible items. This is because I didn't just want to have a bag I wanted to have a bag and at the same time have a fashionable bag, that's actually two purposes in one and the first was to have a bag and the other was to look stylish.


You should understand that want is actually driven by having "a means", need most times is driven by necessity. When a person has become accustomed to spending money so much on what they want, it gets to a particular point in time where the things they want becomes what they need. Money drives desires and sometimes to some people a product will reach an inelastically levels and this is when people can no longer cope without having excessive wants. While excessive wants can cause ostentatious spending it boils down to the fact that as one grows in values, their desires and wants also increases in valuation.



Of course rates are actually inflated and the prices of goods and services are unbelievable currently but then sometimes our desire to own a particular commodity is often So strong, it could be to prove a point, it could be to be trendy it could be to be just classy but then it exceeds the need to achieve a primary purpose of buying a product. one of the reason why people spend so much money on a particular commodity is because they are sentimentally attached to having that product and not because they totally need it. While wants makes us spend ostentatiously nedss makes us spend sparingly. So here you have it. A beautiful black fashionable bag which costs me quite fairly much. In conclusion, we no longer wear or cloth to fulfil a necessity, we wear to suit a standard and a purpose.

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