Why You Need To Show Up...Everyday!

Why You Need To Show Up... Everyday!.png

This topic has been addressed...Quite a bit!

If you have been listening to the CryptoManiacs podcast over the past month, you would have heard @taskmaster4450 and myself SCREAM about how important it is to show up every day...And engage with people!

'Ya ya...Same broken record!'

I can almost see the eyes rolling as you read this...

But today might be a little different.

Today's post might be the kick in the butt you need to keep on...Keeping on here on the blockchain!


I have that poster stuck up in my office.

It stares at me every day. And it's a reminder of what I can do, today, to help my future self and the ones around me.

Now most people, will say...

I'll write a post when I'm more comfortable. I'll make a comment when I feel inspired. I'll learn about this new technology later this week....

And what happens?

Most likely they put it off....

A habit has been formed in their day to day life where the most impactful task they should be doing...Is put off.

So let's talk briefly about how I 'kicked my own' butt when I first joined this blockchain and decided to dedicate the next 5 years at least to learning everything I could about it...

It was obvious from day one...The whales aren't coming to save you! That being said, a few whales on HIVE and the majority of them on @LEOfinance are awesome people that genuinely want to see everyone win!

But they still don't owe you a thing. When you get a generous vote, be thankful and grateful...But never stop creating and building on your journey here!

When I joined, I knew I had to put up, or shut up. Meaning, I had to work daily to deliver value and ADD to the blockchain, rather than just try to catch an upvote or two.

So I built!

@blainjones and I decided to bring our entire community (ClickTrackProfit) over to the blockchain and work with them DAILY to integrate the blockchain into their online businesses.

This has been our mission for years now, and guess what...It's not stopping anytime soon because we know the SECOND we let up...That nasty habit I mentioned earlier will form.

Somethings right now, that you have the power to control when it comes to building on the blockchain is commenting!

Here's what happens when you do (and build this into your daily habits)...

  • People get to know you
  • They begin to see you as someone adding value to the blockchain
  • You can earn some rewards for it (WIN!!!)
  • Your reputation and followers start to grow
  • You HELP the entire blockchain have more activity which in turn...Helps everyone out!

Here's what you don't need....Millions of Leo or Hive power to do it!

Just get started....

I'm so passionate about this, and I want to see everyone that can, jump in and be active. If you don't have enough Hive Power for the resource credits needed, let me know...I will GLADLY delegate Hive Power to you so you can comment and engage with these amazing people.

But remember that poster I shared above....

Your future is created by what you do TODAY...Not tomorrow!

Today, make it a habit to comment more...Engage more...And add value to everyone's journey here on the blockchain!