Congrats to everyone that survived the Bitcoin Bear Market from January 11-14th

You probably didn't even realize it, but you were in a bear market for 3-4 days

CNN knows best and they told us we were in a bear market for several days last week.

Remember when bitcoin "crashed" to $30k and the whole world lost their mind?

Never mind the fact that bitcoin went up by almost 6x, when it drops by 20% after going up 6x, the world is over!

I'm being sarcastic of course because this was all so ridiculous.

Anyways, congrats on surviving the bear market of January 11-14th:




These mainstream media sites are going to look silly an awful lot during this bull market.

Don't try to trade this thing, just hodl it and take profits end of this year.

It's really that simple.

It's either going way higher or we lose our money, no bid deal. Losing our money is getting less and less likely with every day that goes by without that happening though.