Today I stacked some Token and delegated it

I know it will be difficult these days. Yesterday's millionaire may be poor today. Money fluctuates. Crypto is a very fast digital currency. These risks should not be taken for granted.


Today I will be stacking some of my tokens. The trick is to not sell cheap coins at a bargain price. That's why we have to stack. The main point is that the amount of stakes made now is very small. (I started using HIVE more than five months ago. Thanks to many helpers during this time, I was able to use everything I got to power up and steak. By the end of this year, my goal for HIVE is to get up to 3000 HP.


Our lives are full of difficulties. As I write this, the value of crypto is rising. I do not expect much increase. After a slight increase in price, it will fall again. The effects of Luna can be devastating. This can be pointed out when governments want to ban cryptocurrencies. (It can be said that a top currency disappears overnight.) In addition, newcomers to the crypto industry may be intimidated.



In any case, I'm trying my best to get on HIVE and on the HIVE Platform. Stakes Tokens Then Delegate. How much HIVE do you get these days? It only records how many tokens you get. Forget about how much money you make in a day. In addition, we try not to look at coin prices. In this situation, we all need to be strong. Keep up the good content, even if you're depressed. Who can say we will not become millionaires if prices rise again?


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