The mechanism Hive could used to build countries economic strength.


Hive blockchain is expanding in growth and development and like that, it also helps many people to make life easier as most of the users make a living from it, just like leofinance, the project in the community of leofinance has contributed immensely to making microblogging more convenient for the users.

But apart from that, I see that for hive and leofinance to achieve more of this good work in people's lives, more capital must be raised, just like in the leofinance community, two days ago it was the leo stake party, yes so many users of leofinance to embark on this life changing opportunity, it simply means that more and more reward would be earned and that would contribute to the growth of the leofinance community and back to each user's country of residence.

secondly, getting better at technology, this is a good one here and most of us can attest to these assumptions, i see more of this roles on leofinance community and hive in general when it comes to technology and development, raising #Leothreads is a good example of this kind of breakthrough that can be life changing, having this kind of breakthrough in the community is a way to change the way things are seen on the leofinance and Hive blockchain.

Not to mention taxes, in the economy of all countries, what most citizens suffer most from are the high payment of taxes and some other mandatory levies, paying taxes to your country is good because it helps the government to take care of the infrastructure in the country and is also used in other social amenities, but a situation whereby the taxes paid by the citizens of that country are too high to reconsider, would make the citizens of that country unable to attend to their other needs.

So to think more clearly, it doesn't help anything there, it just makes people's lives harder.

Right of the consumers, a man with rights is a complete man, if you can't understand my irony, tried to put yourself in a hole for a few times and see how you would really feel, at the same time, without your right, that means you are in the hole of the world. It would look like a living hell for you, for you not to be strong, you can even suffocate like at that time, so to make life easier for the blockchain, giving rights and privileges is a safe way to start.

A good example is Hive Blockchain, it is free from censorship.

Also, by introducing a lot of newbies to the Hive blockchain, when new users come to hive they will likely be from countries and that means the hive blockchain is improving life in those countries and that is helping thus countries economy.

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