Bet wisely, follow your analysis, it hurt to lose

Most of the time it makes me want to cry, and not only that, I once cried because I lost a large sum of money betting on a game I was so excited to bet on. It just so happens that the person who gave me the betting code, calls himself a master of giving correct betting numbers.

Whatever betting code, he gave you, you should be prepared to win some money, which could be higher, depending on the amount you bet on the game, so when I found that out, I didn't want to take any chances, than to place a bet that was half of the money I have in my bank, and when the results came out, I was losing the game at four goals scored by my opponent, it was four nil, straight away. Making my ticket go out of point without looking back for a second.

I was so hurt that by mistake I ripped the sheets off the bed, my hands were on the bed, I kept drawing without realizing, I was messing things up in the room, the result of the bet came out early in the morning. Then I remember how it all started, the place I visited that connect me with this man, who gave me a betting code that I do not win, I wish I did not pay attention to the man, when he boasted how genius he is in giving betting code, which will make someone win a lot of money.

But I got carried away by his words, and I got the betting code from him, reach to my phone at that time I got home, and make a bet that makes life feel like I am being cheated.

It was so unbelievable, the word of the person who calmed me down, was when I remember, the word of a YouTuber, she said, it's bad for a person to take something too seriously, then later in the day, I approach the man, told him what happened, he sorry me and wanted to give me another betting code, I refuse to collect the new number, because the last one he gave me, I did not recover from the loss funds, I turned around and went straight to my house.

I didn't want to talk to him, because he couldn't understand how I felt at that moment, he is someone who do not look a person in the face, maybe if he had looked me in the face, he would have seen how surprised I was that the betting numbers didn't play.

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