New Mastercard Offers Free XRP but Privacy a Concern


Haven been able to use crypto debit card in the past the idea of crypto debit card on the increase is always appealing to me, I just love having to spend crypto without depositing or selling for fiat into my traditional bank account and get interrogated about the source of the money.

But the reality is user's identity is still at risk of being exposed by the these crypto debit card users and for Mastercard, it's new card haven't really gone off very well as joining the waiting list seems to be taking for ever registration along with concerns of email addresses being exposed.

It does brings to mind the wish for a crypto debit card that requires no KYC, I think that is what crypto needs. I tend to ask a lot of decentralized stuff from crypto/blockchain but I do think there is a possibility to keep decentralizing all that have been centralized and monopolized over the years.

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