Every chart have story...

It's has been a green week for the crypto market. BTC is almost return back to the previous All-Time High on last April 2021 ($64,895.22) , it is now less than 5%. As the writing of this post, BTC is currently trading at $61,000. Are you ready for another BTC All-Time High?

When I'm learning Technical Analysis, I would love to think that every chart have their own story because of the patterns that was printed on the chart. Whether I can piece the puzzles together to look for a probability clue or not, that is on me. Let begin, gonna focus on high time frame chart (daily).

GRTUSDT daily chart

The story of GRTUSDT daily that I see and lay out in a point form.

  • First, on the left chart there was a breakout descending channel,
  • Follow by the pump, creating a downward trend line which identify
  • As a bullish pennant after the pattern completed.
  • Inside the bullish pennant, there was many patterns formed.
  • Head & Shoulder
  • Descending channel
  • Inverse head & shoulder
  • Formed another head & shoulder that didn't play out
  • Latest pattern fully formed was inverse head & shoulder

1INCHUSDT Daily.png
1INCHUSDT daily chart

  • The yellow dashed line represent area of support and resistance
  • A big inverse head & shoulder
  • Followed by a smaller inverse head & shoulder
  • At this post writing it has breakout from the neckline

LOCGame Daily.png
LOCGame daily chart

  • Falling wedges
  • Respecting upward trendline
  • Descending channel
  • Rectangle pattern

UOS Daily Chart.png
UOS daily chart

  • Ascending channel
  • Symmetrical triangle
  • Double bottom

PYR Daily Chart.png
PYR daily chart

  • Fibonacci Retracement Area

On a fine afternoon talking to ladyyunajay about trading view functions.. A simple idea pop up!!

Me: Why not we start paper trading at trading view (100K capital, fake money) record it down in a google sheet and share to the world? We can do this as trading exercise and have fun at the same time!


Trading is risky and using Leverage to trade is an even higher risk than Spot trade therefore I will suggest you to try out paper trading first before going into Live Trade.

This is just MY PERSONAL OPINION/BIAS/VIEW on the BNBUSDT & DOTUSDT. 1000% NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE & Please Do Your Own Research/Due Diligence. During this pandemic I had started picking up Technical Analysis, therefore am still learning my way around it. :)

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