Crypto: A common person's time becomes valuable.

At a time when governments are talking about viruses, vaccines, and drugs, at a time when people's lives are turning into constant anxiety to maintain their careers, at a time when the system is persistently asking for your attention, at this time it must turn your switch and change the reality channel. After all, what is reality? Is it something that should be the same for everyone? And since everyone has their own opinion, how can this reality coincide for everyone?

No, my friends, the reality was not and will never be the same for everyone. In fact, they are not the same for two twin brothers. we all live in our own world with different interests.

Where does all this start? But of course from time.

Time is the greatest unsolved mystery in the journey of our lives. He is the one who defines our interests, what we create, and what we destroy.
Whatever we do takes time. If you do not have, you can not create something. If you do not have you can pay others who have to create for you.

Until now, money has played this role in our lives. Our jobs were adjusted to the money. You spend time on a job and get back the money.
But in order to get the money, someone else had to remember to pay you at the end of the month.

Technology has advanced. In 2009 Satoshi Nakamoto gave ordinary people the fire they needed to get rid of the anxiety of being paid at the end of each month by an employer who might forget to pay.

Satoshi turned time into a reward, put his algorithm in the service of man. Within the lines of his code fit credibility, justice, impartiality, and security. Really how much to cost something like that?

I think we know the price. It is the value of the king of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is the fire in people's hands. Proper management of this powerful weapon could mark the end of the tyranny imposed by the elite worldwide.

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