LeoFinance Twitter challenge.

Hey LeoFinance peeps,

It's time to get your shill on. I am going to offer a simple little challenge out to anyone.

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100 LEO bounty

Here is how it works. The Simple Analytics site will be used to judge the results. I'll pull the twitter referrals link from a date range of 20Sep up to 19 Oct. That gives you two weeks to play.

How to win:

Simple, knock me off top spot for twitter referrals.

Here is how it looks now:

Current referrals since 20 Sep

referals since 20sep.png

The first person to knock me off top spot wins the 100 LEO. Simple. The official @leofinance twitter account will be excluded, anyone else can win.

Note that my current second place tweet will probably overtake the top one as it is more recent and I think the referral data on Simple Analytics is only updated every 24 hours.

Also note, I will still be tweeting more out, if I drop new tweets that overtake these ones, that counts. I would like to pay out the 100 LEO, but I'd also like to keep it, so "game on". Tweets will not be added together, this is based on number of referrals from each tweet, not number of tweets.

So you need one killer tweet to overtake me.

I know 100 LEO is not much, but at current market price its $24 so its not nothing either.

Knock me off top spot to win.


Good luck,


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