Just bought my second NFT on Openseas.

A couple months ago, I decided on a whim (with a dash of FOMO) to stick a toe into the waters of the NFT marketplace Openseas, and buy my first Eth based NFT. Over the last couple of months, it has hardly moved at all in value, in fact the floor (which I bought from at the time) has dropped a little. Obviously I am no NFT expert.

Anyway, today after a little more than no research, I decided to add a second to my collection - from the same project. Introducing Dropbear # 4907

Dropbear 4907.png

This fine specimen of Australiana joins my original purchase, Dropbear 6918

drop bear 9618.png


So, you may be wondering why I would buy another Dropbear, when clearly the first one has not really performed? I am actually quite a fan of what the project is trying to do, and has actually already done to a degree. So far the project has donated 10 ETH to the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital and 2.2 ETH to Magnetic Island Koala Hospital. 40% of the ongoing revenue they earn from the resale market gets donated to these causes.

The Dropbear website is about as Aussie as you can get, and I've just ventured in to the projects discord server to have a look around. But one of the main reasons I've bought a second Dropbear is because they are about to give all Dropbear holders a free second mint - of a new collection of Emu's. Another quintessentially Aussie animal.

Emu's are our free second drop for all holders. These will be open to mint for around 2 weeks, they are free to mint. You are only required to pay the gas fees on the transactions. The Emu's will use the same Photo Booth technology that the Drop Bears use. For every Drop Bear you hold you will be allowed to mint an Emu. Any Emu's not minted inside the minting window will be gone forever. We will not be opening minting up to anyone besides Drop Bear holders.
Source: Dropbears website

Having never minted an NFT before, this sounds like a fun new experience. So now, I'll be able to mint two Emu's to add to my collection.

Anyway, If you are looking for an inexpensive way to get into NFT's on Ethereum, take a look at the Dropbears collection. Even if you don't end up with a 2500 ETH offer on one of these furry masterpieces, at least you know you are helping to support a very worthy cause. The Port Mac Koala Hospital was hard hit during a huge bushfire season 2 years ago, and was overrun with burnt and injured Koala's at the time.

Collect NFT's and support a great charity cause, plus participate in an upcoming free mint, sounds good to me.

The Dropbears project has even received some recent National Media coverage here in Australia, with this article from the ABC taking a look at the project.

Anyway, Thanks for reading, have a good one,


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