Hey LeoFinance people...

I'm seeking opinions and feedback for @khaleelkazi. He's a bit busy at the moment, so I'm taking it upon myself to get this feedback for him.

The question is...

Would you participate in a WLEO/RUNE pool?

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I think most on Leo would know I'm pretty bullish on RUNE, as is Khal and numerous others in the community. It is now possible to create a WLEO/RUNE pool, as RUNE has now built a bridge and has an ERC20 version up and on Ethereum. Pools were launched on Sushiswap, and just in the last 2 hours, a pool has been set up on Uniswap.

I really believe that WLEO needs a second external trading pair, aside from the WLEO/ETH one. This would drive trading volume and create more arbitrage opportunities, broaden the availability of liquidity, and potentially expose WLEO (and ultimately LeoFinance) to other platforms, like Sushiswap or Balancer or so on.

However, setting up a new pool could dilute the existing pools depth. But would funds just be moved between the two, or would new money come in to the WLEO ecosystem.

The other benefit to having a second external market for WLEO is that it would be more likely that Coingecko, Coinmarketcap and the like would upgrade us to full listings with market cap stats and rankings and so on.

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So, Khal said to me in a tweet:

May need to do some posts to see if we can gather the $RUNE support from our community to make it work well

I’d be in the pool for $50k+ but I’m not sure how much RUNE liquidity we can get

So, here is a few questions, please add as much detail as you like in the comments.

1. How much RUNE liquidity can we get?

2. Is the LEOFinance community onboard with this?

3. Would you add funds into a WLEO/RUNE pool?

4. Which platform should we use? Uniswap, Sushiswap, Balancer, Something else?

5. In short, are you in?

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Please feel free to elaborate/provide feedback/question/criticize as much as you like in the comments. If you think it's a bad idea, tell us why. If you want to beg for it to happen, share why.

If you need more information about RUNE, see the following links:

There is heaps more, but those are a good starting point.

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for the feedback.