Taking A Bold steps into @Splinterlands World with 56.663 SPS Token

Its really amazing to be here, I want to salute all the members of the @splinterlands community for the amazing commitments to the smooth running of the community. from what i am seeing here, this is one of the most lively and active community on the blockchain, its really a place to be. i have never been a game person, in fact i have been avoiding digital games, not really because of the wrong impresion but i was not just a game person but today #Splinterlands community has made activate my love and interest for all kinds of game, especially when its adds values.
The creativity and the mind blowing activities that i see happening here on the blockchain is well commendable, the commitement and passion given to this community to make it a home for all gamers, I will not forget to say thanks you to the @splinterlands game creators , i salute them, the structures build by them have really got my interest and am in for an effective engagements.

i was wondering how to start but while going through a few post on the platform , i came across a write up by @peckypeace, NEWBIE GUIDE ON SPS STAKING.That has been a see through compass for me, that gave me direction on how to go about as a newbie.

I have also gone through a few post made by @uyobong, @mawit07 and @etorobong that has been of help too, today i am Starting my journey on the splinterlands world with just a little amount of SPS token, and i refuse to look down on my days of little beginning.

Today i will be starting my journey with a little amount of about 56.663 SPS, like i said, am very new to the community and really need to be guided, but today i will be sharing my experience on how made my first Sps stake.

How I bought My first Sps Token:

basically being that i am new, i did not have the token in my wallet, I had some HBD, so i had to swap my HBD to engage the process and that will need the tool of TRABALDEX.COM :https://tribaldex.com/dieselpools/?from=SWAP.HIVE&to=SPS. that is were i swapped my HBD by depositing it to my Trabaldex.com.

  • Deposit my HBD to my Trabaldex wallet.

when you have done that it will help you convert your HBD to your swapHBD, so as to make it available on the swap list.

  • Swap my HBD to SwapHive

Then you can now convert or swap to Swap-hive, so that you can use it to buy SPS token from the Hive-engine, when i did that successfully it will also reflect on my Splinterlands wallet

Transferring From Hive-engine to Splinterlands wallet:

I transfered my SPS token, found on my Hive-engine wallet to the SPS wallet on my splinterlands frontend, you can find it on the photos below.

I Clicked on the TRANSFER button and the following page appeared.

I Selected the wallet where my SPS is, and filled the the amount of SPS to be transferred.

since the transferred token did not show, i had to refresh my page to see that the balance has displayed, as you can see, it has moved from hive-engine wallet to in-game Liquid. still on the splinterlands frontend.

Staking my SPS Token:

All the process i had to go through was to finally stake the token, just as seen on the arrow, you click on the stake button and follow the promptings.

I Clicked the STAKE button and followed the page that appeared

Fill in the amount of SPS you wish to stake and click the STAKE button.
Then refresh the page and the SPS amount now shows in the staked section.

By so doing i had my SPS token staked, it took me about 30minute, to get that done, and i had to carefully screenshot the process involve so as to enable me make this post of how i had it done.

There is a link known and called Splinterlands referral link the link is to help you start your game earning journey

This was an hectic process for me due to my internet network and the devices i was using but yours can be much better than mine. please help me share your observation on the comment box and as well give your support.

Do well to keep your faith alive, and stay safe. Bless you. @jimmyrosy.

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