Reward your Gaming Passion with Crypto on Splinterlands

I salute all the members of the @splinterlands community for the amazing commitments to the smooth running of the game and all the developments here. Its really amazing to be here again. This is my entry for this week's Splinterlands Social Media challenge.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency continues to change the way way that internet users are rewarded. Against the one-sided reward system of web 2 systems where the developers take all, blockchain technology allows dapp users and clients to also share in a pool of reward structures that makes passion profitable.

Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and metaverse are the latest and buzzing developments in the blockchain and cryptocurrency environment. On daily basis, new NFT and metaverse platforms and dapps are developed and new use cases are created. The Hive blockchain is not left out in this development. Splinterlands game stands out as a leading among other games on hive where a user can play and earn crypto.

I have had many posts on my feed talking about splinterlands and it became impossible to ignore them. I made my first attempt to get acquainted with the splinterlands game. The outcome was fine. It was an investment attempt, staking SPS token to be able to earn more of the tokens. Looking through my investment two weeks after, it seems it is not yielding as much as expected. I may be wrong in my assessment.

Good enough, I have also discovered that even without making investments, a user can still earn from the splinterlands community by creating regular contents to promote the community and the game. What do I have my Facebook and twitter for? Since using them, I have not been earning. I choose to also be sharing splinterlands contents to friends out there. Afterall sharing is caring.

This will be my second post about splinterlands and I am giving myself the target to learn more about the game and become an active player. The game does not really feel like my kind of games, but it doesn't hurt to try out something new. Knowing hoe to combine my cards for battles is the first activity I will get to learn effectively.

If you love playing games and are passionate about it, then splinterlands is a place to be. Your passion can be rewarded well with cryptocurrency on hive blockchain. Playing the splinterlands game will earn you SPS, DEC and other cryptocurrencies. Telling your experiences while playing the splinterlands game comes with rewards as HBD, HIVE, SPT tokens and others.

You can start your gaming journey with splinterlands today. Simply click this link.

Do well to keep your faith alive, and stay safe. Bless you. @jimmyrosy.

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