LEO&HODL CONTEST: New UI, New Beginning

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It’s been one wonderful, challenging and fun-filled week since the new Leo Finance UI was unveiled making it a very effective and enjoyable experience for not just Hivers but everyone visiting the Leo Finance platform.

As I’ve seen and been a firsthand beneficiary in the new UI this past week, I’ll give my feedback and share my experience so that it can be looked into and we can keep growing from there.

My First Impression regarding the new UI was to gasp at its sleekness. I logged onto LeoFinance using Hive Keychain. You can also use Hivesigner or the other login platforms but it all depends on which is comfortable for you.

And the first thing you notice is that there are new features for users to make their threading experience more comfortable. The ‘one click votes’ and ‘Hide threads including links’ features are to give each user that customized Leo finance experience. A lot of users have sung the praises of the ‘one click vote’ feature especially how convenient it is.

The new Notification feature made me especially pleased because I ignored the notification feature in the old UI due to how inconvenient it was to reply to comments. The new notification feature not just makes replying very easy but also attaches the post or comment the person replied to so that you don’t need to search for it. Wonderful indeed!

The new Wallet feature attached to the profile on mobile phones makes it easy to carry out your Leo transactions like powering up and you can also view how much Leo tokens you have. I did my own little $Leo power up and it was hitch-free and was a recorded success.

The new UI is a lot better than the old one for a host of reasons. As I’d mentioned before, it’s a lot sleeker and the light and dark modes are now easily accessible. There were a lot of glitches in the old UI, especially on mobile phones that made threading difficult to say the least but with the new UI, the glitches are few and the overall experience much easier.

There are still a few hitches in the new UI however, like the inability to easily upload pictures on mobile phones as you have to use the image link from other front ends. There are also a few times when your threads could disappear as soon as you click ‘thread.’ I’m not sure if others face these challenges but as I’m using a mobile phone, these are the most pressing challenges.

And of course, the missing features on the long-form content which I’m sure would be rectified soon. New lions and old are all itchy to have that long content experience.

Overall the New UI has proven to be wonderful and addictive. Especially to the new Lions. Engaging is simple. There are a lot of threads about different subjects and you just follow the trend. Reply to threads which will foster that drive to create your own threads.

What makes it addictive and synonymous with Twitter is the fact that you can post virtually everything. From your daily walks to the food you eat and thoughts and reflections and guess what, you get rewarded for it. It also helps that those little messages are a booster to keep threading and to keep roaring. So it’s a win-win situation.

In conclusion, the future of Leo Finance with the emergence of the new UI will only get bigger and better. So if you haven’t started to aren’t actively threading, you’re missing out on a whole lot of fun.

I hope this feedback helps in bettering the future of Leo finance as a whole and New lions, old lions and emerging ones are all looking forward to all the wonderful things coming.

This is my response to the LEO$HODL CONTEST by @idiosyncratic1 and organised by the @leofinance and @hodlcommunities.

I invite @rmsadkri, @wongi and @nonameslefttouse to the contest.

All images are mine.

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