My Hive Highlight 2021: Leomarkettalk

This is a community challenge posted by @guiltyparties and you can find more details here. I think there are a lot of different highlights throughout 2021 and narrowing it down to one was tough.

My Highlight: LeoFinance Engagement Challenge

My HIVE highlight for the year is the LeoMarketTalk September Engagement Challenge and I placed third place. One thing to note about this is that nobody would get any rewards if the total comment count in @leomarkettalk was under 10k during September. So this means each daily post would need at least 333 comments per day.

Every single comment counts and it would of been impossible without the other people participating in the contest. Just as a note, the top three people did over 50 comments per day and fourth place did close to 50 comments per day there as well. This contest did not include comments outside of the daily thread posted by @leomarkettalk. For reference, we did not hit the 10k goal until the last day or two of the month so I appreciate the work everyone did everyday.


The payouts we got were posted above and I invested my earnings from this contest back into the LeoFinance ecosystem. You can see the investment details and most of it was used to buy Hive Engine tokens or sent to CubFinance.

While I did comment more during this giveaway, I still comment a lot in the LeoFinance community and I am a bit sad that @leomarkettalk isn't as active anymore. I don't know when the next contest will happen but @taskmaster4450 has mentioned that it may start up again once the prize pool fills up again. So when that time comes, I hope to see some old and new faces to chat with in the @leomarkettalk posts.

Make sure to comment and it is definitely rewarding. You will meet new people and I visit the @leomarkettalk everyday if you want to chat. I think it's also a great place for people to go to ask questions as we have quite a few people drop by everyday. Personally I go there because of the news in both HIVE and crypto in general.

Special thanks to @taskmaster4450, @finguru, @tfranzini (now using the @tokenizedsociety), @kevinnag58 and @magnacarta for being really active commenting. I also thank @amr008 for all the statistics and keep tracking of the comment count for us.

If you won as part of this challenge, what would you do with these rewards? The savings APR has increased to 12% and there is also the BXT rewards from BeeSwap in the diesel pools. My choice was Hive Engine tokens and CubFinance (DEFI) because I liked both options. So there are many ways to grow your money on HIVE. Don't sit around and wait. Get engaged and create content (blog or comment) to grow your account.

Feel free to leave a comment if you read my post. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer.

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