Engagement is rewarded on LeoFinance and 600 Leo Power Achieved



Currently there are many ways that engagement is rewarded on LeoFinance using their front-end. You don't have to rely on making posts but instead, you make comments. If you have taken a look at the @leo.stats posts every week, I am near the top of the list on comments every week. Even when I did not make as many posts last month, I was able to gain on average around 3-4 LEO a day just from commenting.

amr008's Engagement Project

engagement leo value.png

This is a general engagement project built to reward users who post comments using the LeoFinance front-end. Duplicate comments are removed and everyday, the top 25 people who make comments using the front-end will be rewarded an upvote from @amr008.leo. The current value of a full upvote from that account is about 0.589 right now. More details can be found here and this extends to more than just the LEO. It can also be applied to STEM, CTP, SPORTS, WEED and ProofOfBrain front-ends.


The above image shows the most recently uploaded copy of the results @amr008 has posted on April 13th. It shows that you only needed to write around 11 comments to get rewarded on that day. However if you wrote longer comments, then you could of got on the list with 8 comments.

Posts giving out LEO for Engagement

Leo Market Talk

This comes out daily from @leomarkettalk and this place is allowed for general discussions. It was started by @taskmaster4450le and he also gives LEO upvotes to participators to prepare for Project Blank. The topics doesn't have to be just crypto or finance related topics but it tends to what we put as the top level comments. The latest post can be found here.

leomarkettalk comment.png

As of right now, we have decided to split the author rewards earned from the post and split them across the top 3 commenters during the week going forward. As you can see below, I got 60 LEO from the past month's worth of LEO. This is the result of me doing on average over 70 comments on the posts everyday.

LeoMarketTalk rewards.png

HitMeAsap's Engagement Project

As I give away LEO in my "Let's talk" posts twice per week, I will do the same with the @leomarkettalk posts, even though they are being published once per day. I will give away a total of 5 LEO to 5 different users, twice per week.

That's a total of 10 LEO tokens per week for the @leomarkettalk posts, 10 LEO Tokens per week for participating in my "Let's talk" posts and 5 LEO tokens in total for participating in the LeoFinance Engagement League.

In total, I will give away 25 LEO per week in an attempt to boost the overall engagement and to reward those who are actively putting in effort to take us to new heights.

Engagement is- and should be rewarded!

This was started by our @hitmeasap, one of the SEO experts on LeoFinance to create more engagement and the most recent details can be found here. As stated in the quotes above, you can comment on the @leomarkettalk posts I mentioned above, @hitmeasap's posts and your rank in the LeoFinance comment rankings every week.

LEO Power up and Goal Reached

Leo stake.png

So I plan to power up all the rewards I got yesterday. It includes some author rewards and the @leomarkettalk rewards I got above. By doing so I was able to reach my monthly goal earlier than expected.

Remember engagement is encouraged and it will be rewarded. I hope you will do so as it will help prove that the community is strong and people are more likely to join and later stay.

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or feedback.

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