Free-To-Mint - A Cheap Way To Get Into NFT Gaming With Rarity Game [Fantom]

If you have been missing out on the NFT gaming craze and still don't have a few thousand dollars to throw into the unknown, there may be a better opportunity on Fantom for you.

Rarity Game is a free-to-mint NFT game that is simple to use and understand. If you are making your fist steps in the NFT world, this is probably the best and cheapest place to start.

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Rarity Game can only be played on the Fantom blockchain so we will need some FTM in our Metamask before we start.


Fantom Netwrok parameters:

Network Name: Fantom
RPC Url:
ChainID: 250
Symbol: FTM
Block Explorer URL:

Getting Fantom to your Metamask can be done in two ways. Most centralized exchanges will let you withdraw to FTM directly for a certain fee. If you can't find one bridging from ETH and BSC is fairly easy through the Fantom Bridge.

Playing The Game


There are 11 different classes in the game and you can mint all of them for free. As long as you have enough FTM to cover the fees, you can mint as many characters as you want. The hard part comes when you start managing all of your characters so I would recommend starting with one of each and then adding more if you feel like it.

Once you have minted your characters you will be able to send them on 24-hour long adventures. This will give them XP points and stats upgrades. You can see those in the "Play" tab.


You will want to assign these points regularly if you want to advance in the game and every time you do so will initiate a transaction. If you don't want to spend too much money on this game keeping your collection small is the best move for beginners.

After adding stats you will need to improve your character's skills as well.


Different classes will require different upgrades so get creative with assigning your points.

The rest of the website is still getting built out but there is still enough content to keep you entertained for now. Once a trading market is in place you will be able to trade your assets for FTM and probably other currencies. So far there are about 150k unique owners indicating that the game has a ton of room for growth.


If you start with 10-20 or even 30 characters having only 10 FTM in your wallet will be enough. Simple transactions will cost something like $0.05 or even less and the most complex ones will add up to $0.3 at times. This also depends on how busy the network is.

Jerry Rating 7.5/10

The game, so far, is interesting to explore and can serve as an amazing starting point for beginners. There aren't many features right now but those that are just dipping their toes can benefit greatly from this. Instead of diving into a complex world where you don't really understand what is going on, you can start from the very beginning with Rarity Game and upgrade your knowledge as the game continues to expand.


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