A greedy man is a financial lost


A man who can't handle his self or know the ability to his week point earn up in financial lost. Greedy person can't emphasize on crypto technic. Have been studying the crypto strategy for some time now and find out being greedy you can't know the way of crypto or the strategy of trading a feature trading on crypto.

We can control our bad character that could damage our lives or even missing a lot of financial chances, this act of greediness is in me that has course a lot of damage in my life in one way or the other, I can refer it to crypto trading and buying and selling of crypto coins, I could say this aspect of my life is very bad.

I could remember when trading feature trading I could have a target that I need 50% of my income, sometimes when reaching the target of my percentage the greediness comes in like a form of having more profit and it lead's to financial loss and this as happens not once or twice it happen frequently, so painful loosing money, so a lot of us who usually trade on binance feature trading could testify on this aspect.

Furthermore, so I decided to go for research online and search on how we could push out this bad behavior out of our lives, and find out the main purpose we individual could stop been greedy in any way of our lives. I will least some fill point out here👇

  1. Don't always live only for yourself, think about other's who leave around you and who might want your financial assistance in one way or the other.
  2. Develop compassion for other's who are in need, not only your love once also on the street.

Living this type of life could stop the greediness in you, face the challenge's and fight the battle in you.

Thanks for going through my write up

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