Taking My Part In Hive Power Up Day! Hello Augustus

August 1, 2022

Before anything else, happy first day of Augustus Hivers! And let's hope for better days to come, inside and outside the Hive chain.

The same with everyone, we all are anticipating this day, the Hive Power Up Day.

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As responsible Hivers, this is our way to contribute something to Hive, apart from publishing quality content.

I don't have much HIVE tokens for this month as I used the little amount of Hive I had in trading. My purpose is to accumulate more Hive through trading,

To participate in Hive PUD, we have to power up at least 10 HIVE on the first day of the month and make a post about it.

With this, I only powered up 20 HIVE today as I am saving some for Hive PUM wherein I will be powering up some HIVE each day throughout the month.
Aside from Hive Power Up Day, many are probably interested in Hive Power Up Month as well. All participants in Hive PUD are eligible to get rewards for Hive PUM with some tasks to take.

My previous participation in Hive Power Up Month failed, as I forgot to power up one day. Thus, I opted to start anew this month and I am hoping that I could make it throughout August. I bet, setting a note or alarm is vital this time so I won't forget to power up each day.


To participate in the Hive PUM, there are two ways to do it after powering up on the first day of the month :

  • Publishing content each day with 100% Power Up as a mode of payment for the whole month.
  • Powering up any amount of Hive each day throughout the month

Although I can make an article each day, I am trying to post quality content instead of just posting random ones for compliance purposes. So I chose the latter method.

Just make sure that you won't power down to be eligible for the rewards in this event. It isn't just the rewards that matter here, but the other benefits you could get when powering up. Account growth and interests, for instance, are the main reasons why I am powering my HIVE.

And for the first time, I tried Power Up another account to get a Power Up Helper badge. And who's the beneficiary? It's @kushyzee because I know he needs more help compared to other users I know on this platform. He's one of the good authors I know but only getting small rewards, so I opted to choose him.
My help may be small, but it means a lot.

Despite the busyness in the real world, I feel glad upon seeing my account growth and increase in reputation. I was able to make it go upward and this motivates me to stay productive on the Hive chain.

My Hive Power is increasing as well. For some, they are setting Hive goals and certain Hive Power to achieve each month, as for me, I am grateful for whatever I'll receive each day. And reaching over a thousand Hive Power this month is an achievement.

Should I set a goal this month? Maybe a couple of thousand of Hive Power is enough. That is just an additional 500 HP to my account. I am not expecting more though, but if I will be able to accumulate it, then that's another achievement.

For newbie friends here, if you want to know more about Hive PUD and PUM, you can visit @traciyork's posts about it.

Or check this to more about Hive PUM
And Hive PUD

Today is the first day, don't forget to #HivePUD!

Have a nice day.



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