My Hive Goals 2023 (Starting All Over Again)

8th January 2023

I've been reading different posts by different users about their Hive Goals 2023. Everyone's goal was to meet a certain amount of Hive and other Hive Tokens. Then I asked myself, "should I make mine?" Just like what @ifarmgirl said, I don't actually have a plan for setting goals this year. I just want to go with the flow and see things coming and acknowledge whatever I'll get as blessings. Because I don't want to be disappointed in the end.

However, looking at my Hive achievements in 2022, I can say that I did well and so I could do even more better if I would want to. This year is definitely different as my blogging time is more focused on this platform now since the other platform is already at its dead end and there is lesser interaction which I don't like. Thus, I'll have more time for Hive this year, and more break time for myself from staying on the screen.

When I read @tengolotodo's post about his Saturday Savers goals, I opted to check mine as @eddie-earner might be upset if I don't update mine šŸ˜…. All I know is I reached my HP goal and other Hive Engine Tokens goals. However, when I open my Google Sheets to check my portfolio, my file was empty and I screwed myself for the carelessness I'd made the other day.


I decided to free up some space the other day since my account was already full. The file I made for the whole year of 2022 about crypto and blogging stuff was in one Google Sheet to easily update everything. Unfortunately, that file was accidentally included in those I decluttered. Thus, this year is definitely a new year as I need to start all over again in recording data and remaking sheets for crypto and blogging-related transactions. I actually don't want to do this stuff, but that's the only way to track my goals and progress.

My Hive Goals 2023


In the previous year, my Hive goal was to achieve 3k Staked HP, and fortunately, I achieved it with a juicy amount of Hive stacked in my wallet for future purposes. Although I wasn't able to save the desired amount of HBD as I converted them all to Hive, I am planning to save them again this year and put them into my savings account.

So my Hive Goal 2023 is to achieve 5K Staked HP, and based on my current Hivestats, my staked HP is 3200, so I need more 1800 to achieve this goal. Although I can increase this amount, I better not because rewards aren't guaranteed to come each day. I better be surprised than disappointed.

As for the HBD, I set a goal of 500 last year but I used the 300HBD I accumulated in buying more Hive while the price is still below $0.50. For this year, I am planning to save 500 HBD or more in my savings account to accumulate monthly interest from it. I currently have 24 HBD in my wallet so I need 476 HBD to achieve this goal.

There are Hive Engine Tokens too that are worth saving. Some of the tokens I know that I am planning to save more include: LEO, LOH, PIZZA, POSH, LUV, DREEM, POINTS, EDSMM, POB, FOODIE, tribe tokens, and others.

I've been reading several posts about Hive Goals and their amounts are enormous. I know I can set bigger amounts too, but then again, rewards aren't constant, and as I said above, I better be surprised than disappointed.

There are ways to achieve these goals:

  • Posting quality content
  • On-chain intereaction
  • Joining community contest
  • Staking
  • Trading

So that concludes my Hive Goals 2023. Let's hope for this year to stay green most of the time. Cheers to more blessings to come Hiveans šŸ„‚.



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