@Talentclub : Who are They and Why do I Support Them.


Today I would like to talk about @talentclub and the community C/The Talent Club

The Talent Club, is a collaboration of people from all walks of life from around the globe who are versed in various subjects and support one another's dreams. Here you can gather with like-minded humans to share knowledge and collaborate with others.

Further, The Talent Club community, a place where the talent gets rewarded. Are you looking for an exclusive social community that provides an easy way to be seen for your work? Someone who understands the connecting of your skill set to the jobs you deserve? This is the place for you.

Talent Club Statement of Purpose

We are a club with reserved admission rights that brings together outstanding members of the community, giving them voice and vote, since our structure is democratic. We have created our own collaborative space, helping each other and ourselves, so that we do not have to depend on external votes from other corporations. That is why, among other things, we put a part of our individual HP at the service of a common account, that of the club, with which we can help each other and help other people. Source - Bottom of Page

I've been a member of this community now for little over a year I think. At first I had my reservations about tge club, perhaps they were scammers, perhaps it was a money grab, in this world you have to be hesitant right? I wasn't really sure if it had staying power. So I applied for membership and waded in with a small delegation.

After some time I began to see the community of people, the passion that the leadership had to grow this community. At that point I increase my delegation as I believe in their message. But why? Let's explore that!


The Talent Club Supports its Members

What is a club... A club is a great place for people to come together and connect with others who share their interests. Clubs provide a kind of home for people who need a space to be themselves. Clubs give their members a sense of belonging and identity. A club is more than just a team. It’s a group of people who support each other and feel safe when they’re with one another.

I feel @talentclub community does support their fellow members. One way is with delegations and daily up votes, To quote their page.

Daily Upvotes + Monthly Liquid Income | +25% APR* from 50HP to 4,000HP delegations | (*If the member publishes 7 times/week) Source

That is a great way to encourage publication from the members. However, it is important to keep in mind, it is a club and you have to apply for membership, they don't just accept anybody who delegates. This is a good way to ensure that quality content and authors get rewarded and not just anybody who tosses a delegation at them.

To apply to be part of the club have to go to their discord HERE. After you apply the administration will review your application and vote on whether or not to accept you into the club based on the quality of the content you produce. I feel is a very fair way to weed out those who might try to take advantage of the system.


The Talent Club Supports Other Organizations

At the time of writing, @talentclub community currently support 15 other organizations as well through delegations and votes. That is a great way to use the power of a club to benefit a larger entity. It's also way of not just looking inward, but rather looking outward and saying "how can we help". You can look at their recent publication HERE and see a list of the members in the club and the organizations that they support.

This is a feature of the club that I really appreciate. That is not just an internal thing, not just a "let's get rich"... No, it's more about hey how can we help each other and the larger community. I find that a very exciting and generous use of my peronal delegation that I support.


The Talent Club : Internal new Coin "TLNT" token on the Hive Engine

The "TLNT" token is a great long-term vision of what this club is intending to do.

You can read the introduction post of this token right HERE. And he could see the token on the exchange HERE.

In summary it's a way to fund the growth of the club, while providing a means for the community to rise up and become part of the leadership team if they want, while providing rewards for those who hold the token.

Again for myself, I see this is a great long-term vision for sustained growth and stability in the club as an organization!


So what's The Downside

While it's not really downside, the majority of @talentclub is Spanish-speaking. For me, unfortunately, Spanish is not a dialect that I have mastered, so I find it little hard to engage in conversations on discord, and sometimes find translating articles from Spanish to English on the clubs page a bit of a hassle, but nevertheless I am happy to see that the club does have a thriving community of people who are actively talking and working together. So while this is a bummer for me personally, it could be a great benefit for other people.

Please note that this is only a personal downside which I have learned to accept.


What does the future hold for @talentclub ?

I have had a few talks with one of the founders @dresden, and in every one of our conversations, he is a very passionate individual who talks highly about the club and about future. This all makes me have further belief that this is going to be a worthwhile organization for the long run.

Personally, I would like to see a roadmap of future plans and where the club wishes to go as it keeps developing, It may already be out there just I can't find it... but for now I happy with the pace and organization that is happening.



I fully believe in support the @talentclub and have purchased 20k TLNT tokens as well as made delegations to this club. Their leadership team is composed of very nice people, their community is active and talking with each other, and I do see potential for their token and for the long-term growth and viability of this club.

While this is not financial advice, and it is all just my own opinion, I think getting involved with this community early on, then growing with it over the next several years would be a worthwhile endeavor for anybody.

What Do you Think

  • Have you heard of this community?
  • Does the article above inspire you to join?
  • How could have made this article better?

As always thank you for taking the time to read my article and hope that your day is great.

Much Love

Disclaimer and Transparency

The information above is not intended for financial advice merely my own opinion and meant for educational purposes only. Please do your own due diligence when investing into any organization or project. This article was not paid or sponsored by anybody but I wrote it because I believe in this group and is not meant to be a shill. Lastly, For transparency sake I do have TLNT tokes and have delegated to this club.




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