Lets Talk Talent Club and, if you are serious on HIVE, you should be in the club!


Lets Talk Talent Club and, if you are serious on HIVE, you should be in the club!

What is @talentclub

I wrote a blog post about this organization a while ago ( on May18,2021 > HERE). A lot has changed since then, and my support has only increased for this awesome organization. I thought it was time to write another article about it and help get the word out.

First, what is the Talent Club?

To me, in my opinion, it is a group of creative people who try their best to produce solid content for the blockchain, while coming together to help support each other growing in creativity and prosperity.

One cannot simply delegate to The Talent Club and receive votes, no no no... They have to join the talent club discord server (HERE), and submit an application for membership. When the application has been submitted, an executive board reviews it and if their ongoing content reaches a certain standard of quality, then they are invited to join the club.

On occasion, all the members get reviewed again to make sure they are adhering to quality content standards. If they are not, a vote is brought up inside the executive membership team to decide what to do about them.

This is a great way to ensure that only quality content receives votes and those people most in need get supported.

Club Benefits (* focused on finance)

There are numerous benefits to being part of a club. In this particular article we will not focus on the benefits of community members helping each other grow, a sounding board of peers to bounce ideas off of, No, we will rather focus on the financial return of being part of the club.

After you've been approved for membership and white listed (*it's not automatic), depending on your delegation to the club, you can receive a daily up vote! Here are the various levels of delegation and the estimated returns at an estimated APR: +41%. Note that these numbers go up and down based on the total delegated amount to the club.

Level NameDelegation AmountNET daily, through vote$HIVE monthly liquid paymentTotal of $HIVE/year
Bronze membership50HP$0.023
17.25 year
3.25 / Year
20.5 $HIVE /year
Silver membership100HP$0.046
34.50 year
6.50 / Year
40.1 $HIVE /year
Gold membership250HP$0.113
86.25 year
16.25 / Year
102.5 $HIVE /year
Platinum membership500HP$0.226
172.50 year
32.50 / Year
205 $HIVE /year
Rhodium membership750HP$0.340
258.75 year
48.75 /Year
307.5 $HIVE /year
Diamond membership1000HP$0.453
345 year
65 / Year
410 $HIVE /year
Red Diamond membership2000HP$0.907
690 year
130 / Year
820 $HIVE /year
1,380 year
260 / Year
1,640 $HIVE /year

(Source of this informations (HERE) )

What's nice about this particular setup is that, in my opinion, it encourages users to post daily quality content. Then, while being part of the club, you also get a monthly liquid $HIVE payment from the curating rewards of the club. So your delegation helps fellow club members grow, and you get a return from it, even if you don't post. A good source of passive income for sure, and motivation to keep blogging.

All this being said, there are other groups and organizations that provide similar or higher APR for your delegations, but they are more focused on just making money and not on promoting great content. The Talent club is composed of members who want to make a difference, and I feel it is one of the least recognized organizations in HIVE. I truly hope that changes.

Lets talk about the $TLNT Token.

The TLNT token or (Talent token on Hive - engine HERE ), is almost like holding a share in a company. Monthly you will be paid out based on how many curated rewards the Talent Club receives.

That said percentage is determined by the number of tokens in circulation, minus those that are burned, that is the current circulating supply of a month, representing the 100% of that said supply a 45% of club curation rewards: around 400 $HIVE/month, today. ( Sourece HERE)

As more members join, the curated rewards go up, and people will receive a higher monthly payout. Anyone who holds at least 1 TLNT token, is eligible to receive a monthly payout of the clubs' curated rewards.

To me, I think that is awesome. This is a very easy way to start generating passive returns for anybody in almost any financial situation. Currently, for this year they have sold all the allocated TLNT tokens, but will be releasing another batch in the first quarter of next year.

It's not just about votes, its about helping

The talent club also supports various other HIVE organizations with daily votes. You can read the daily club report for August 17th right HERE and, at the bottom you will see a list of all the other organizations that The Talent Club supports with ongoing votes.

Again I think that is great, that it is a club that doesn't just focus inward but help support outward organizations. I've had many conversations with the main creative force of the club, and they are driven by passion and desire to see this organization succeed.

As the club keeps growing, they are going to start their own Splinterlands guild as a way to help their members internally stronger and to that playfield.

Outside this, they also run weekly and monthly competitions to help spur on membership content that is quality.


The talent club is an undiscovered gem on the HIVE Blockchain. It has a solid framework and path to the future, The TLNT token over the next several years should double or triple in price, members get a solid return on their investment, and are part of a organization that is focused on quality and growth.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article today. Hope you are inspired to join the club as well. If you have any questions please ask down below in the comment section, I'll do my best to answer them.


I do delegate to The Talent Club and hold TLNT tokens, and also I sit on the executive board. I was not paid or sponsored to write this article, I write this article as it is a project I fully believe in and back with time and treasure.




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