Splinterlands game: A moment well spent is on the game.

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Just after a stressful day at school, I couldn't just lie down and sleep after getting home; I just thought it was necessary to give my brain cells some special attention by testing my intelligent quotient (IQ). Considering how familiar we are with the statement, "Leave reading your book for a day, and it will leave you in weeks or even months," Relating the statement to Splinterlands, I have not been frequently checking the platform as before due to one or two challenges around me. Specifically, my academic calendar becoming so tight made my recreational activities difficult. Likewise, the little time spent here has yielded a lot of achievements.

Every successful day in Nigeria happens to be filled with different forms of stress entirely. Either an individual day was spent without cash or with outrageous POS charges from POS agents. It's not like even these charges will be enough to get you the required amount of naira to sustain you. The situation is always this: "I want to make a withdrawal; how much is the next question from the POS agent?" When a customer says it is 5k naira, the only reply from the agent will be "no cash." Living that free life as before isn't guaranteed anymore. Reaching home under this pressure made me really tired and unstable, but I had to give #splinterlands game a shot.

I could barely listen to the sound of the game, a sound I usually love listening to. The humming sound from the game is always a motivator to stay focused. I just don't see how the sound influences my motivation, but it is of great significance under careful observation.

The game proper




In the game, I was assigned a mana cap of 25, which is a good one to have both skilled (i.e., special skills) and range fighters. The team selection took some time based on my tired nature and calculating the remaining mana cap to avoid picking more cards than the number of cards that fit in the mana cap. After creating the team, it was left for the cards to rumble, which at some point I felt I was losing based on how I placed my cards, but later on, the cards didn't let that persist as they in turn represented and made me a winner, easing the stress.

Thank you for reading!

The pictures above are screenshots from the Splinterlands game.

Here is my referral link: https://splinterlands.com?ref=isaacngore.

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