Securing a better future with active participation in crypto verse. 7K GLX stake met.

Hello everyone!


The secret behind every great future is now. The choices and decisions we make at this point will have a great impact on the future. Before now, I never believed it was necessary to save for the future by carrying out investments at early stages of life. As a child, I was made to understand that "education is the key," which is why my mindset was tailored towards going to school and attaining a certain qualification. Yes, education is really a tool for good, successful endings, but it isn't a criterion that it should be focused only on education. I know sometimes as a child, almost everyone had one or two wishes or dreams, but sometimes nature presents to us the parable, "If wishes were horses." It isn't bad to dream; we all have those moments in our lives and, if not dreams, moments of great imagination.

Having a special time to picture the future is more or less a procedure for making concrete plans for the future. It is motivating to view the present and realize that it does not relate to what your imagination is presenting. Everyone's imagination towards life growth will always be that of a better life, which means wealth has to be reached and enjoyed, yet most of us forget our roles in life imaginations we are entitled to.

How do you secure the future?

  • Consider making your life moments worthwhile.
  • Know that there will be failure, but learn from your failures.
  • Learn to deal with fear.
  • Engaging in various businesses, either to learn or for investments.
  • Having in mind that wealth can be accessed by anybody
  • Learn to be patient.

Some people may be surprised. seeing who is making investments at an early age, that is why I so much appreciate the Igbo tribe in Nigeria for predisposing their children to finance and creativity at a tender age. After much contemplation and pondering, hive came in to grease my path through life. As a student, it has not been easy for me right from day 1, yet I have survived those life-depressing moments. Joining hive has made my moments in school a bit easier; I can check how most of my bills are taken care of without my parents knowing. You may be tempted to ask, "How are you being sustained with your little earnings?" I will either say my environment has made me really economical, making my little earnings play a role that most people cannot achieve with them.

Payments like faculty dues, class dues, and many other bills have been sorted by my hive earnings, though it might have affected my investment portfolios, seeing that my investment growth rate is at a slow rate. Joining hive since has been a "earn and invest" way of hive participation, which is why I have been able to accumulate a somehow significant amount of tokens today.

How far have I gone?



To some, my investments at this point are less significant, but to me, they are treasures at my disposal. It may have taken time for me to move from a 6k GLX stake to a 7k $GLX stake


It is a great achievement seeing that it has been reached 7k GLX, and in a couple of weeks I believe my GLX rate will surpass an 8k GLX stake and even get closer to a 9k stake, drawing me closer to my goal of holding a 10k GLX portfolio.

Thank you for reading!

Do well to hold a GLX portfolio today.
The above images a screenshot from my recent GLX transactions.

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