What Exactly Drives Someone To Spend A Lot Of Money On A Card?

While reading some articles about crypto, there is an interesting article about why Visa bought NFT for $150k, and it really blew my mind. How is it possible that digital cards can be so expensive, and what's even more surprising is how people want to buy those cards.

This is in line with one of the games that are currently trending on Hive, Splinterland, I play SPL too, although not at the stage of buying cards yet, but when I researched the price of the cards being sold, a question arose in my mind, is there a card with this kind of price? who will buy it?


The price of level 2 Yodin is more than $2000 and some even go up to $3.925 for one card.

The answer is yes. It's surprising, but that's how it is when it becomes a hobby and pleasure, people will lose their minds if they are already in love with their hobbies.

I still keep thinking why and how? Maybe only time can answer all this, I also read an article that I forgot the source about how people lose their consciousness and common sense when faced with extreme hobbies.

Maybe the NFT collection can be categorized as an extreme type of hobby. Who knows, the future is too difficult to predict, the important thing right now is to look at all the possibilities and then enlarge the possibilities in the spaces of the impossible, because when the time comes, hopefully, we won't be of the people who missed the train.

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