2023 Investment Goals - Progress report


With this account I want to show that it is possible to build an online business/investment portfolio without any fiat money invested at the start.

In 2023 I want to keep growing, using what I have learned in the past years. By setting goals I also want to prevent myself from spreading myself too thin or focusing on inferior goals.

I still want to grow my investment portfolio value, but I want my efforts for a goal to make a significant impact. I don’t want to work a year for a token or project that brings me 65% returns on $5 , because that doesn’t change my life at all.

My goals:

1500 Hive power. This is the same as last year, but that’s because I powered down some hive to invest in Splinterlands. I changed my mind on splinterlands though. So I have now sold my assets and used them to reach my index goal and also get more passive income.

Passive investment goals:

  • 1400 HBD in savings
  • 4000 GLX


  • 71 BRO
  • 98 LGN
  • 10 CARTEL
  • 350 INDEX
  • 80 DBOND

State of my goals:

  • Hive Power: 1271
  • HBD: 1275
  • Index: goal reached!
  • GLX: 2983

My Big Hairy Audacious Goal:

  • Road to dolphin (5000 Hive Power): 25,42%

Slowly but surely I’m making progress and I’m now at 25% of my BHAG for 5000 hive power!


Hive and HBD are the core of the ecosystem that is being created on this blockchain and as more and more dapps, communities and technical solutions to problems are created, they will inevitably benefit.


The Index token created by the @clicktrackprofit team is an Index of the hive-engine.com tokens that have the highest market cap. It is a token that flies under the radar, but it has had a nice steady growth. Sure, there are other tokens that give higher APR’s, but the @clicktrackprofit team is not going anywhere. They have a trackrecord of building a business and keeping on keeping on. They just keep building, growing and they will still be here many years to come. So for me this is a relatively cheap long term investment.


Currently there is a decent APR for staking GLX and I believe that GLX has a very high potential upside. There is certainly a risk, but I believe that the Splinterlands team has learned a lot from Splinterlands that helps them to make GenesisLeague a succes.


There are now a ton of play-to-earn games on hive and many more are coming. It is going to be more than a full-time job to try and benefit from all of the opportunities there are. As I don’t have that time, I instead invest in the Cartel token by @oneup-cartel. The Cartel token is both an investment token and a dividends token. The Cartel invests and plays the games for you, so that you can benefit without playing the games. I don’t think I will get more tokens at this time, but I do expect that my 10 tokens will eventually turn out to be a good investment.

This is definitely not a short term investment!


BRO is another project that has a good track record and the new LGN token is another project that will be a great long term investment. Already there are regular dividends for holding LGN too. If I have any spare funds in the coming year than LGN is certainly a token that I will like to invest some more in.


DBOND and DAB are a new joint venture between @silverstackeruk and @raymondspeaks. It is a long term, hive-based project where you can send hive to get DBOND. You then stake that DBOND to get DAB and then you get hive rewards based on your liquid DAB. Or you will are able to also stake your DAB to get more DBOND, which gets you more DAB… etc.

It is a low risk investment as you will be able to sell back your DBOND at a small loss soon, not much risk is taken and all hive from selling DBOND is powered up, so it is still there in the account.

Both Raymond and Silverstackeruk have a track record in building value in their projects long term.

I hope sharing my goals and thoughts about them is helpful to you.

Thank you for the support guys, you make all the difference. Let’s grow together!

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